Real shit! | Reviewer: Chris | 7/15/12

This song is all real. Marvin Zindler you bastard! Those of you in the know, know exactly what and who I am talking about....Marvin Zindler...Headline news...Met the boys in San Leon TX...Great people! Thanks for a great song and memory!

Endertainment for texas men.. | Reviewer: Looser Angel | 6/6/12

In my opinion i think it's about a brothel or a saloon from the line "they gotta lotta nice girls".. Now i'm telling it, i'am pretty sure it's something that texas boys where going there to entertain themshelf when "they got the time" ;)...

La Grange | Reviewer: db | 4/17/11

As a young man in the late 60's, I made the trip to the Chicken Ranch, long before it was shut down from bad publicity from a Houston "news reporter" who was trying to make a big name for himself. Anyone who lived around south Texas knows what I'm talking about. I had heard about the Chicken Ranch for ever, as had most Texas boys, it was a Texas legend that went back to the 20's-30's I believe. All you had to do was drive into La Grange and ask almost any man you met where the Chicken Ranch was, they all knew where it was. Just a little house right outside of town. Take it from someone who has actually been in there, as I'm sure Billy,Dusty and Frank were, we're all around the same age. It's about "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas". They had a lotta nice girls there, ahaw haw haw!!!

Review about La Grange | Reviewer: Mike | 10/16/10

Yes, it is about the Chicken Ranch. Been there just a week ago. It nothing but a dirt & grass feild now. Not a thing left at all! Matter of fact when I rode through I inquired specifically about it. So Bobby you're right.

Texas muffugga that's where I stay! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/10

To those who question the lyrical meaning of the song "La Grange", by ZZ Top: The men who wrote this song are raunchy, gritty, rough neck, beer drinkin', hell raisin' south Texas boys. They ain't talkin' 'bout getting to know a delicate, yet strong willed, ambitious, single mother of 3, who overcame life's obstacles - with all odds stacked against her - to become a successful, pants suit clad career woman over a tea, scones, & fritatta brunch at an all organic - and moderately priced - local bakery run by the aunt & uncle of her late exhusband. If you think the song is NOT about a whorehouse, or The Chicken Ranch specifically, what do you think it IS about? I wouldn't even wanna know the innocent tale of romantic entaglement you think is the base of the song "Pearl Necklace", also by ZZ Top.   

It's about "The Chicken Ranch" | Reviewer: Robby | 10/4/10

I think the song refers to famous brothel "The Chicken Ranch" that is just outside the city limits of LaGrange. The brothel was also the inspiration for the movie "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas".

RE: how do you know it's about a whorehouse? | Reviewer: adriaan | 8/25/10


"and you know what I'm talkin' about."
--> would you say this about a garage with a keg?

"They gotta lotta nice girls ah."
--> They gotta lotta would sound like somebody has a "stock" of girls, it would be less vague if they had used something like there are a lot of nice girls or something like that.

"Well, I hear it's fine if you got the time
and the ten to get yourself in."
--> you need to pay ten bucks to get into a garage with a keg and some loose girls?

just my 2cents

how do you know it's about a whorehouse? | Reviewer: bob | 7/19/10

The song's lyrics are pretty vague; If I didn't already know it was about a brothel I would have figured it was just some garage with a few easy chicks and a keg where you went to hang out on Saturday night.