Outlaw X! | Reviewer: JayCeezy | 8/24/12

Saw them in 2012, this song was part of their encore. ZZ Top has a promotion with Sirius XM, which has a channel called "Outlaw Country", a lot of fun. They still bring it, saw them in '80 and '83. As Rev. Willie G says, "same 3 guys...same 3 chords!"

Rowdy Rocker from ZZ | Reviewer: Doc Jock | 10/20/07

With a relentlessly churning tex-mex rhythm fired by a toothy, rauchious close-miked guitar and groovaciously placed up-beat handclaps, "X" is a rollicking remeniscance of the golden era of offshore bootleg radio, when jocks like Wolfman Jack and the above cited Doctor B would broadcast from barges in the Gulf of Mexico, spinning sides at the time considered too exotic for general consumption. One of, if not my fave selection from "that little ol' band from Texas!