Go ZG!!! | Reviewer: Emma | 6/10/13

My sister and I love ZoeGirl! We listen to them and Barlow Girl and get them mixed up sometimes, but we love them both equally! Wish they could get together and make a whole new song together!!!

ZoeGirl is a lifesaver!!! | Reviewer: Jill | 6/24/12

My friend had thought of killing herself and nearly did. However, when I let her listen to ZoeGirl, she was uplifted enough to stop thinking about suicide and started trusting God more! She has become stronger and stronger as a Christian! Thank you ZoeGirl!

Blessing to the ears and hearts | Reviewer: Kristine | 3/2/10

Zoegirl's music speaks to me, encourages me to live for Him and reminds me how precious Christ is and what He did and what He can do. I really like their songs. My first cd was ROOM TO BREATHE,and I like the songs,all of it. Thank God for Zoegirl!

Zoegirl Is Really Awsome!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/07

Ever Since I Was Little I Have Loved Zoegirl They Are The Coolest Teen Girl Band Out There. I Was At The Revloe Tour And Sat Outside The Inline To Get Zoegirl To Sing My Shrit That I Bought. It Was So Cool To Meet Them. Thay Are So Nice And Best Of All They All Love Are Lord God Are Savure. I Thought That Was The Coolset Part.

zoegirl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/07

zoegirl is not to dance as a previous comment states..its christian music

The Truth In their Words | Reviewer: Amina | 12/8/06

Zoegirl has provided the world with wonder songs that bring God the true upraise. In their words they speak the wonderful truth about a varitey of different subjects that they express through their eyes. By listening to one of their wonderful songs you won't be able to get enough. There a cool band with good intentions and there great role models for teen girls. Let this be known forever more.

Zoegirl is Awsome!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/05

I've listened to zoegirl since the first cd, and i LOVE THEM!!!! room to breate is the bestest cd on earth, zoegirl is an awsome group with a cool beat to dance to, with meaingful lyrics

ZG ROCKS!! :) | Reviewer: Lyida Ekeroth | 10/23/04

ZOEgirl is a great group with some great CD's. Check it out and ROCK ON ZOEGIRL!!!