Amazing! | Reviewer: Taylor | 9/16/2007

This song is deep and is one of the songs that will help me through my life. It's talking about even if bad things happen we will always have God, a reason to live. We should never push away God or any other person. If we keep God close he will take us on the right path. Like I always say.....

If the bible was like a cellphone
would you carry it everywhere you went?
would you talk to god all the time like ur friend?
would people give it to you for christmas?
would you worry about losing it?
would you talk about it all the time?
would you sneak it into class?
would you keep it so close that it is your life?

Keep talking to God all the time. It will help you in everything you do. I need to work on it too. a good thing to do is take some time out of your day to worship him. Get up earlier or go to bed later. set up a bonding session with god almost every night if you can. Love god and thank him that he loves you too.

Jesus freaks are gonna go to heaven.
Are you one?