understanding | Reviewer: Feeling like Zero | 11/14/13

My first love was upset with me. He played a song by this rapper that was saying Bitch, something about 5 kids which I have. Haven't seen hi in 6 years we both have new lives. Trying to find the name of it.
This song cut me like a knife. I want to understand what the words are saying and WHY he would hurt me so much.

i can realate to zro | Reviewer: matthew salinas | 8/26/13

I knw were Z-ro comin frm I've did the same shit as him but except I've never rapped in a studio I jus do my shit freestle flow I mean Z-3o is my inspration he the one who inspired me to start rappin him n spm they paved the way for people that live a rought live strugglin wit bullshit at 1st hand

Inspiration | Reviewer: Full_time.player | 1/19/13

"I keep on screaming Im not a role model, but children still wanna be like me, and C like me, I hope they never get to see the penitentiary like me, cuzz it aint nothin else to be like free..."

Mayne...this the same shit I be tryna tell my lil cuzzins. They grew up watching me run the streets and now they all wanna be like me. I done changed my ways and became a working, productive member of society and now I be tryna tell them that the life I used to life aint the life they wanna life, but they aint tryna hear that shit. That's why I'm glad the rap game still got real niggas like Z-RO so I can have somebody to vouch for me when I be tryna talk to these lil niggas. Thanks for being so real RO...U keep music relevant in my life.

"Fill up churches Sunday morning like clubs Saturday night,
and have a good worship service just like we have a good fight..."

s.u.c. fuc hataz | Reviewer: wyte mike | 12/4/12

Z-ro trae street military s.u.c. spm ugk j-dawg all day in c.c. TX. Say ro I relate.1 I found me.no help.hate u bich. But.respect.look wat u did.tha police. Hataz . slap dat nicca. Friends. Waitin on still is wat it is.abn g-maab slab. All day.fuc all wac radio rappaz

Look What This World Did Us. | Reviewer: melissa | 11/14/12

Zro? You inspired me. On some real shit! Im a female mexican,I melissagrew up in southeast Telephone road;Houston,Texas. Lived in 5th ward for a few years im 17 now . In a rehab at the moment readin your autobiography on a role model tryna get these credits up you feel me? Hard timess...I feel that but im make it through .
Faviorate song ? Gotta say Its look what you did to me and the whole relvis presley album. You doin good zro keep y ahead up.

Time To Let The Truth Be Told!! | Reviewer: Jorge Christian Charles | 10/22/12

By saying "To let the truth be told" i am saying that your music inspires me in every way and I would love to meet you one day and tell you about my "Hard Times" and how I am growing up already. I am only 15 years old but I Bang To Your music every time I am Cruisin, Your songs are all I listen to when I'm down on my NORTH-SIDE Reppin the Blue flag and every new song I hear from you, my eyes open up wider and realize that i have similar feelings and singing along to your song is how "I" express myself!! Thanks a lot JOSEPH Wayne McVey for letting me express myself the way you do!!

legondary status | Reviewer: Gerald Snyder | 9/22/12

With so many People tryint to know what tha south is really like all they gotta do is listen to Z-RO on of tha realest to to this rap shit I thik better yet I know z-ro is one of tha greatest rappers alive u can go tom my Home Town of Pine Bluff Arkansas an tha whole city be mobbin to That boi Z-RO
as a matter of fact I moved to Kansas City MO. an all I jam is Scarface an Z-RO THA REALEST NIGGAS OUT CHEA`

hood life | Reviewer: dominique Jr | 9/14/12

Aye mayne Zro I started listenin to yu since I was bout 5 mayne and errthang yu said is true in yo music dawg I mean I ben thru a lot frum gangbangin to weed meth herion it all but I always wanted a betta like mayne nd you kno wat all yo music inspired me as well as thousands soo wen tha world come at me sideways I blast yo music cuh all yo shyt is real homie and if I knew you. Then mayne I wuld hav ben paid yo bail bond mayne soo we culd kick it nd share prollums hopefully yu get out and we could still do dis hope you see this add my facebook name gizzy dizzy domo and real shyt mayne ill help you just soo you can put out moe music and put a life out der for yo kids man

Life | Reviewer: Christina | 8/9/12

Z-Ro.....by far you are the greatest rapper alive! First time I heard you was in 2000 my freshman yr I was 14, I was introduced by my older sister who by far I swear is your biggest fan. By the time I was 15 I got in the wrong crowd and ended up on meth and spent my 16th birthday in rehab. Your music inspired me to get back up and keep pushing forward. I graduated in 2005 and was so proud till I found myself pregnant. Had my dau and she was sick in the hosp and passed at 5 months after that I felt my life spiraling down but ur music always made me feel better. Life goes on, shit happens to you it's how u get up that determines you. Coming from nothing Nd making it into something by sharing ur experiences and facing life is real music to me. It's poetry....I have so much respect for you and hope to meet you one day!

Da Trap Shit Ya Helped Me Through | Reviewer: Why do it matter? | 6/18/12

Man, real talk ZRO is the realest dawg! Man I'm from Austin, Texas reppin 45 if ya from down here den you know what I mean!! I'm white okay, I came up in the hood and was just all in with that gutta shit at first! I idolized selling crack from all the under ground Texas rappers and didn't get it that it wasn't necessary. I was growing up in that shit and grew up with my twin friends and and they really drew me into ZRO and UGK and I only got respect from them. No one took me seriously cuz I was white and after awhile I just slipped whooped this persons ass for dissin me cuz I was hood and white. Years later after I got my respect I ran into him and his blood click and I got jumped and stabbed to near death on my street and it wasn't till someone came out and busted a round to scare the bloods away that they stopped, they wanted death cuz of my past beef. I dropped outta school and started slangin roks for money. One day I was on my parents front porch grinding and I see someone creeping candy red on swangas and I saw the blood that I had beef with in the car with a gun. I ran inside and grabbed my 45 and busted at them but didn't kill no one and got locked up. I was hangin with the black crowd in da pen and one day got asked to snitch and I refused but the pigs said I would only be with the blacks if I wanted to snitch them out to get out, I didn't fold. When I came out of the pen I finally got da respected I earned and ZRO's earlier music like look at what you did to me influenced me to get back in school cuz I'm smart so I can change my ways. I'm writing this to let y'all real hustlas to keep yo head up and if you wanna change you can cuz I got hooked up with a good job at a car repair shop and I'm making more than decent money but still keep it hood. I still smoke and sip and I've got 84z on my lac but I got a real job but I ain't dissin the streets and ain't dissin you if you dealing but keep yo grind on grindas! Holdin it down south side 45!!

z-ro | Reviewer: gonzales | 4/9/12

man, been a die hard fan of z-ro evr since i was lil. i couldn rly understand wat he was sayn bein so young but wen i strtd payn attention it was like...maaaaannnee thts tha shit. i grew up poor n WACO, TEX, tht co-town. i mean aint had 2 hard of a life cuz ima smart nigga but i feel so close 2 hs lyrics its crazy. z-ro if u read this comment just kno i alwayz got ur bak n aint gotta say u doin a gud job r any shit like tht cuz man if u only knew how many fanz u actually got n how many yung ppl luk up 2 u, im sure itd blow ur mind, u could sweep the floor out frm under all these hoe ass half n a quarter ass fake ass big name rapperz out there rite now (young money). we holdn it dwn 4 u out here n waco, got love 4 tha king of tha ghetto

Sad Girll | Reviewer: Sad Girll | 3/28/12

I'm 16 now and when i started jammin to Ro, i was 9 or 10.. at that time i didn't kare much about him, i was more into that tupac shit and spm.. don't get me wrong, i still like them foo's but on everything i love, Z-Ro's the Man. The stuff he speaks in his tracks are realistic, not that fake shit rappers now a days be rappin about. i wake up in the morning and jam to his shit, i come home from skool and jamm to his shit, i go to SLEEP jammin to his shit! me & My 2 brother idolize Ro, and real talk, Z-Ro is the Nigga that made me who i am today, i am now realizing there's other foo's out there going thru what i'm goin thru. & it's a trip khuz my oldest brother has the same birthday as Ro. i love this foo, i hope he never quits, i know he won't..... Z-Ro the Crooked, The Mo City Don, i salute to you ma brotha..

Z'ro | Reviewer: 50 | 3/6/12

I have almost all the Z'ro cd's. I haven't never been disappointed yet. The 3 hardest songs to me is 1) Respect my mind. 2) Help me please and from the guerilla maab cd 3) speak on it. For anyone reading this don't sleep on Z'ro. Not that this matters but I'm a 49 year old white dude and I still jam a Z'ro almost everyday.

As A Z-Ro Fan i Belive He The Best Rapper Alive ! | Reviewer: Marko Cadena | 6/19/11

i started jamming to z-ro because i liked the way his music sound , but never payed attention to the lyrics until one day i was jamming to help me please and i noticed he was actually speaking his life & other peoples lives but in a way making them feel better , since that they i started paying attention to his lyrics & in every lyric their a meaning to me or my niggas that jam with me while we smoke some weed , but i realized that what he says is th actual truth , i had alot of hate in me but i see z-ro went trhu the same shit as me & when i feel his music is like his thier for me as a brother , i love to rap his my inspiration i wish one day z-ro will hit me up & sign me up with him in a record !

but to be honest Z-Ro The King Of The Ghetto Yr The Mofuckin Man The King Of Music Dawg , !

southpark | Reviewer: shay-ro | 5/27/11

listen to him for day next week had all his albums have good days at school when i here your songs seeing what you went through makes my problems seem much easier even got my name change to shay-ro fav rapper just like the father i never had in a song you tell it all ilyy so much