wtf?....listen up hoes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/10

First of all Z-Ro aint tryin to get wit you bitches sayin he's your baby and yo husband bitch please shit this nigga be doin it so he can rise and be someone in this fucked up world Z-Ro be makin some real ass jams he aint got time for you hoes eva heard ''Bitch you aint gotta call my phone matter fact all you hoes can leave me alone'' All he wants is his paper he's ''1 DEEP'' he dont need nun of you sluts all up on his dick only cuz he gots his pockets full of money and has all these cars and clothes gold diggen ass females fuck off cuz you waistin yo time and to you Z-Ro Im glad you comin up with the gewd shit kno'mm sayin you have some real ass music i can relate to this shit nigga keep it up....

To da realist joseph wayne my sweat heart. | Reviewer: Demi | 6/21/10

zro is da realist nigga to me so to al yal hatin az bichmade niggaz and bicthmade bitches, yal can kiz his azz. He says wat he been threw, so repect my baby. I listen to joseph every day to keep my day goin,or when im dwn n out

THATS MY BABY | Reviewer: belongs | 6/9/10

You know,I am India and z-ro is my ol man so Fuck all you hoes that is my baby and i love every thang about him i got his name tatted on me and he gone be my baby daddy.his songs is just so live and i could relate to it a lot and i could sing so maybe i should sing alond with him i do it every day so one day im going to go to h-town so i could drop a cuple of songs with him and he could tech me some thangs I LOVE YOU Z-RO YOU THE BEST MAN I EVER KNOWN thank you for all that real shit you be rappin its a blessing to have a man like you thank god i finnaly found the rapper i LOVE


I know its a lot of hating going on behind and revolving around Z-Ro but hands down respect up, ya'll gotta admit all bull shit aside Z-Ro is the motha fuckin truth. I'm a D-Town representa and can't nobody tell me shit about that man, right there. My baby daddy get mad cause i tell him Z-Ro is my husband. He is just so real, I love that shit and thats why his fan base are all die hard, behind him 100%. That's all i jam in my car, at work, at home, if its rap, if u ridin with me no talkin in my car unless u rapping along to the song, Z-Ro first all others second. Thats my baby, I feel close to him because he puts himself into his music, how can u not love this man.