#1Fan | Reviewer: Gloria H. Ramey | 5/18/10

I am your #1 Fan. I love your album [Food for Thought.] Get at me. I like your "Sexcapade" song. I also love your [ For Your Love] song. Hit me up. My name is Gloria H. Ramey AkA. America-Tha-Beautiful.

I LOVE YOU JEROME!! | Reviewer: Brandy | 10/31/08

I don't care if you call yourself romeo,jerome,young rome or whatever, I love you I love you I love you! You are the finest man on this earth and it doesn't matter if you have braids or want to go bald baby I wish that you was mine.

sexy | Reviewer: taetae | 3/26/07

jey wud up wit you me not much tryin to stay in school but it these females that is all ways tallin stuff and taetae is not down for all dat but like i said be four i AM tryin to stay in school so dat is y i have not did anythang about it so.Anyways wat have u been up 2 latly wit you sexy self bot man i member when you and Oomarion sexy selfs can down here man i sware if yall can down here to my house man i would be in jail cuz i no yall would come wit yall peoples so man it me back letter

love always

YOUNG ROME | Reviewer: LAKENYA NEWSOME | 4/11/06

YOUNG ROME HAS a very nice singing voice Like his CD YOUNG ROME I want to Have a tour of your own this year with other aristst and with a DJ YOU look good I want to know when you and MH OMARION Is going to do the making of YOU GOT SERVED 2

i love young rome sence her was with immature and imx they are still my favortie | Reviewer: von macklin | 1/28/05

i love rome sence was lillte eith braids and playing in house party.i watch house party four just so i can see him .wish you the bet keep in your life and everything will be ok.