WOW! WOW! MINISTRATION @ THE TEENS CHURCH | Reviewer: Okiemute Joykairos Godor | 3/20/13

Wow! A big thanks to you for making this song available, we were planning to do this song at our teens church for easter and this lyrics just made scoring the song easier! Thank you so much for a great job. God bless you.

I love it | Reviewer: Unique Opal | 3/14/13

I really bless God for your life because I have been throughly blessed through this song. And sincerely I appreciate and enjoy every bit of the song( the instrumental, the rhymes, the lyrics,etc.) i truely love this song.

glorious | Reviewer: charity | 2/12/13

wow yolanda u re god sent,this song is inspiring.i was down at d verge of giving up all hope but wen i listened tothis song,i was touched and of d the truth ve gotten victory.pls keep it up god bless u.

This song is amazing | Reviewer: Lucy P. | 12/11/11

This song is amazing. I can't stop listening to it and everytime I do I get up and dance. It's my phone's ringtone. that song got me through some pretty though times. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Yolanda.

Wow! | Reviewer: Dee | 10/9/11

As my title states "Wow!" Yolanda this song represents how blessed you are. I think it's great what you are doing. Ministrating through song. When I hear this song I feel lifted. Keep up the good work. I pray everyone who hears this song whether Christian or not will be blessed mightly and abundatly.Amen

INSPIRING | Reviewer: David | 1/19/11

This song is the best. I just want to get up and dance everytime i hear it. I love it so much i have made it my ring tone to constantly remind me that with God,victory is always mine. GOD BLESS YOU YOLANDA!!!!

Another one of God's children | Reviewer: Judy Martin | 3/15/10

Yolands, This song is awesome, When I was going through my trials and tribulations, for some reason, God placed this song on the radio and it's a proven statement. You also have a song out called the Battle is not yours, it's the Lord. I have a cousin that sings that peice and it is so touching, If anyone listens to this song, you will realize that the Battle is not yours but the Lords, I have to learn to pray about it then what I couldn't handle, I gave it over to the Lord, and now I find myself ministring to other's who will listen. God has changed my life and I know that I've got the victory!!! Thank you so much, and keep doing the good work of the Lord!


Victory - my daughter's favourite | Reviewer: amy Chukwu | 2/18/10

Whenever I go through the lyrics of this song, it takes me back to the old rugged crosss and then there's nothing I could do but to say Thank You Jesus for giving me victory!!!. Also, my baby girl MIRACLE is five years old and she sings and dances to this song each time it's beeing played, and am sure the Lord is ministering something great to her. Yolanda, God will give you more inspiration and insight.

YOU ARE GREAT | Reviewer: AP_DAMARIS3000@YAHOO.COM | 7/4/09

lets see i think you could use bigger letter but still you are a grea t singer so keep up the great work. and dont listen to the bad comments. you have pretty vioce but if you need any help call me at 305 689 6451 thank you.

i have the victory | Reviewer: Brandon thomas | 3/27/09

i love this song the first time i heard it was watching the movie the gospel and i was in some of the hard times I prayed and the next day god started showing me who he was and reminded me not to forget with out him i am nothing and when ever i stray this song pops in my head and i stop to reflect thank you Ms. Adams

victory | Reviewer: yanice | 11/25/07

that song is the best song i've heard andi would like to thank the singer yolanda adams and bringme back to the fold. when i need the holy spirit i put on this song and listen to it and i feel the power of god and i know that he is there besides me when i least expect it. i've been through hard times and i' ve suffered but with god's assisstant i have the victory too! you are a powerful singer with a power message in ur voice. keep up the good work. excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awsome song! | Reviewer: Chad Watkins | 8/21/07

I realy like this song i heard it 2 months ago and liked it so i got it, and thank you Yolanda for your song.

amazing | Reviewer: lore | 8/19/07

i did this as a pantimine in my camp it was so much fun i had everyone on there feet praisin god with me


Wow | Reviewer: Thais G. | 8/7/07

This song is amazing. We have a Careography group in our Church (WORLD REVIVAL CHURCH IN FALMOUTH)
& the first time i heard that song i immideatly knew
we were going to make steps for the song. It is truely Beautiful and it gives me shivers everytime i hear it! Thank You Jesus And Yolanda Adams For composing this inspiring song!

Thank you Heavenly Father for this blessing! | Reviewer: Hiria Vaka | 8/2/07

Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing us with Yolanda Adams and this soulful, powerful & beautiful song! The lyrics are literally my life's story and I thank you my Lord for the life I have lived thus far! It is truely through thee that I love, live and cry out loud that I've got the sweet sweet victory in Jesus! Heavenly Father, Glory be thine in the name of my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.
Yolanda Adams you are an Angel, every time I hear your voice proclaiming the Victory in Jesus, I know I have been touched by an Angel. God Bless you Yolanda!