Our song | Reviewer: Kemesha & Travis | 8/18/07

This song is what we both sing together and when we do its the bomb..no seriously the bomb..who want us to sing at their wedding overseas contact me immediately..thanks one love

Graceful Song | Reviewer: Tobby | 8/9/07

Its undeniably heart touhing. I pray He leads and give us the grace we need to go thru life's journey - with Him being our guide.

this song is inspirational | Reviewer: nicole | 6/19/07

i love this song so much i get goose bumps listening to it ....these people can really sing not only that but i listen to it when i wanna get inspiration it touches ur every vein ur every being ...continue to do good music guys love ur biggest fan........power to the people

greatest song | Reviewer: nessa413 | 5/23/07

i honeslty think this song was a hit ini the gospel world so i have to give respect to yolanda and donnie without forgetting the real author of this song ANDREA BOCELLI

blessings!!! | Reviewer: sugieplum | 5/22/07

this song is a blessing in a time of trouble and tryin to find the right path in ur christian life!!! i than yolanda for doind this song with donnie! god bless u both

Modern Wedding March | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/07

I love this song. I think it is a powerful and meaningful prayer. I'm walking down the isle to this song next week!

The Prayer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/07

This song is great when you are feeling sad and you can lean on God for help. He will show you the Way through Jesus! Amen

Beautiful song for every decision and occassion | Reviewer: Yvonnerae | 9/9/06

I really think this is one of the greatest songs of our generation. Who better to lean on for each day, decision, situation, and guidance. To God be the glory for the lyrics, the voices that do it justice, and the beautiful music to match! Its one I think of whenever I miss home!!!!

The Prayer, a wedding song | Reviewer: Robbie M. Griffin | 6/1/06

This is the greatest song for those who are seeking the Lord for an answer to who your soul mate is. Jesus wants to make the choice of who you should walk through life with, as your marriage is an example to the world.

Soulful Prayer | Reviewer: Torie | 10/5/04

I must say that this version is very powerful in a soulful way. The original version in it self is emotional, but this adds a new flavor. The voices of Yolanda and Donnie are still within taste.