guide us with ur grace | Reviewer: joy okhuelegbe | 8/8/14

This song to a song that takes u to form where u are now to where iu will be.any time I here this my heart just just want to love God the more ,I am lifted with this song ,the prayer .it has blessed my soul keep it up ,I love u guys

Gods children | Reviewer: Princess Nahn | 7/29/14

When are first listing to this soul touching music my heart keep telling me that there is a God some were that are need to give he my soul .Thanks my sister Yolanda Adams and my brother Donnie McClurkin for this spiritual song that help me to give my life to Christ.

Let this be our prayer , when we lose our way !! | Reviewer: Amogelang Connie Modise | 7/8/14

i actually dont know what took me so long to search for these lyrics.everytime i play it i fill so blessed and i think is one of the best songs by donnie that i have is realy a good prayer that i want to pray everyday

Inspiring song | Reviewer: margret | 7/1/14

the first time i had this song on a movie i cnt help but shed tears its so inspiring that whenever i hear the song i cnt stop sheding tears i pray dat god wil continue to keep n inspire them n that on the last day they wil be rapturable amen

Gives Me Hope | Reviewer: Mary | 1/24/14

The first time I heard this song was on a Disney Movie and didn't really understand the words. But, heard it again on a Donnie McClukin cd along with Yoland Adam, I was just blown away. So much hope for a falling world.

Wat an inspiration! | Reviewer: Florence anthony | 1/10/14

Its such an inspiring prayer. This prayer grieves my heart so much xspeciali wen im feelin dejected, it boost my faith in d Lord. I hope 2 b a gr8 minister in d Lord lyk sis yolanda. Lord help me 2 solo it perfectly in my church n let my ministration of dis song win souls 2 UR KINGDOM. AMEN.

Soul touching. | Reviewer: Jimmy Japhet Jnr. | 11/11/13

The frst time i heard this song i couldn't help it, i was overwhelmed with somuch joy within my soul and spirit and couldn't control the tears. I LOVE THIS SONG WITH EVERY BREATH I TAKE. And seriously i want tominister this song in my church. i pray the holy spirit
direct me.

Father to the fatherless | Reviewer: Sharlotte | 10/7/13

Oh my God i love this song 4rm the first tym i heard it brought me joy that no naked eye culd i love you guyz wish God culd externd ur daes of living and you could see how u inspire ppl wit such a song

The Prayer | Reviewer: Akworkor | 9/30/13

Just reading the words brings tears to my eyes; knowing that God watches over me in this sinful unjust world brings me to my knees to say "Thank you Lord". Can anyone please help me get the CD. Thanks Yolanda and Donnie, God bless you.

Inspiring | Reviewer: God's Child | 8/12/13

this song is one of the pillars which hold up the christian faith.
I have heard it a number of times and took no interest in it but being a Jamaican thirteen year old brings a lot of challenges and when I heard it at my primary school graduation sung by 4 past students, It brought me to tears. This song will forever be in my heart. It make me proud to be a Christian. :))

The Inspiring Prayer | Reviewer: Cindrella size | 6/21/13

When i first heard this song i couldn't stop listening to it. It really lifts me up. Yolanda and Donnie may the Holy Spirit continue to guide you as you minister into our lives.

My prayer. | Reviewer: Franciscah Mueni | 6/9/13

This has always been my silent prayer, l sing it everywhere especially when anxious, happy tensed or sad n surprisingly things just go my way, thank you Lord for such great talent!

so inspiring, may God give me grace to sing them | Reviewer: loveth ugo | 6/4/13

Oh my God,this prayer is so inspiring,it makes to understand that prayer is very impotant in the life of every believer,I know this inspiration came from God to this wonderful music ministers sis Yolanda and bro Donnie, may God continue to use you all to bless us.this song makes me have faith in God.

The wisdom of God | Reviewer: Samfred | 6/1/13

The first time i heard t song i wondered who in his natural wisdom could produce this kind of lyrics but then i was reminded of d spirit of God that rests on his people. Only the power of God could manufacture this kind of lyric. Yolanda and Donnie, there is no doubt that the power of god is with u.

Inspiring song ever | Reviewer: Favour ukpabi | 3/27/13

This song "the prayer" is really powerful and inspiring. I cant forget the first time i heard this song i couldnt let go of it, and i find myself being gladened when listening to it. And since then the urge to minister the song myself has aroused in me and i pray he'll really be my guide