Awesome prayer | Reviewer: Emeka | 12/28/09

This song has greatly made a difference in my life. Its an awesome sincere prayer not just praying for oneself but that others will receive this awesome love of God. I love this song so much.

Lead up to a place, guide up with your grace, give us faith so we'll be safe.

What a Beauty! | Reviewer: Tribute | 5/21/09

I've heard this song in other versions,i've also heard this version a number of times before. But i woke up today n it's the first song i listened to,n today especially,it had more meaning that it's ever had before. It touched me in a more profound way that i ended up dedicating it to all my friends,family,n colleagues. One of those songs i'd love to sing one day.

The Prayer | Reviewer: Cindy | 3/25/09

The very first time I heard this song, I search for it and from that time on, I have been listening to it over and over again and it touch my heart....Good composition. I love it and I know you will too.

utterly beautiful | Reviewer: patricia wheeler | 3/3/09

have heard this sung by many artistes this version is right at the top it is a heartbreakingly beautiful song that touches me very deeply Icannot believe that anyone could listen to this song and not be deeply moved almost to tears.

inspirational | Reviewer: helen | 10/8/08

an encouraging song and its a booster in connecting to God especially people who are away from home like us looking the means for our children and feeling to surrender but when i heard this song it keeps myself intact in every hardship I suffered with my job especially in dealings with different races thank you so for this songs

Memorious,awesome,encourageing and spreads the feeling of love | Reviewer: DENZEL MATHISON | 9/4/08

Since the first time I heard it I was touched and inspired by the words and the sweetness in which it was sung.I am going to sing it at my church CALVARY BREAKTHROUGH MINISTRIES on this coming Sunday.

Beautiful | Reviewer: phelese frederick | 7/29/08

This song means alot to me, My sister walked down the aisle to this playing in the background. I was told that I might not be able to have more kids and years later my daughter is now turning two in a couple days while she blows out the candles this is what will be playing because it is my prayer for her.

A Spiritual Bliss everytime I listen to this! | Reviewer: Angela Howard | 4/15/08

I loved this song the first time I heard it I cried and got goose bumps when Donnie hit those high notes! Now a beautiful singer at my church on April 26th will do me the honor of singing me down the aisle to this.....I will treasure it always.....

beautiful song | Reviewer: cheryl | 4/8/08

I had the awesome opportunity to sing this song at a wedding and a purity ceremony. But it was not until I had the blessed honor to sing the song at my grandmother's funeral service. With tears in my eyes, I sang because my grnadfather asked and I knew she would have wanted me to do the same. This song now speaks to my soul in a differnt way. RIP Grandmommy!

I Give God Praise! | Reviewer: Lisa | 3/13/08

I loved this song when I first heard Celine and Andrea sing it. Then Donnie and Yolanda sang it and it was just heaven! Now, I will have the chance to sing with someone whom God blessed with an amazing, spirit-filled voice and I feel so honored and blessed! God gets the praise!

Beautiful | Reviewer: Lindsey | 1/9/08

The frist time I heard this song was with Celine dion and Andrea Bocelli, but I can relate better to this version. I LOVE this song I could listen to it over and over, it's really Spirit filled and inspirational. May God continue to bless you all!

A Beautiful Song | Reviewer: Yogi Bear | 12/14/07

I always loved this song.... But I never knew the name of the song. About 10 months ago my boyfriend died from a motorcycle accident and for his funeral they sang this song. I then realize that this song was beautiful an I reaaly like it. To me this is the best gospel song that is out. And also it is inspirational and a very uplifting song.

So inspiring | Reviewer: petrona levy | 12/13/07

When I heard this song at first I wanted to hear it again and again. I'll asking God's blesings by singing it for both of us at my wedding next April.

Simply Awesome, Inspiring, and Very Uplifting.... | Reviewer: Semone O. Walker | 11/9/07

When I first heard and sang this song, it was when I was a choir member of the AOL/Time Warner Singers in New York City about 3 years ago. We sung the song again the following year where the men and women did a call and response style of singing, like how Donnie and Yolanda did their thing. I really loved this song and it brought a sense of confidence within. It made me feel the warmth and comfort of God's presence and it became one of my favorite songs. I surely recommend that you pass on this song to anyone meaningful in your life. God bless!

Wedding March | Reviewer: Cecelia Baynes | 9/24/07

The first time I heard this song, I knew that I wanted to walk down the isle to it. Two of my the most incredible singers Yolanda and Donnie. Its soulful, its message is so powerful, it tells us that we should seek God for answers and to let him lead us to that safe place.