The best prayer or song ever for christians | Reviewer: Goodness | 12/10/12

I love this song with passion and it a prayer for every christian to God.Donnie and yolanda adams i love you both for blessing my life and other people around the word with this song and wish to sing with u one day.

A spirit moving song | Reviewer: Mokhene Lehlohonolo | 12/9/12

I never got my spirit moved this way.
The song is so spirit moving and touching as well.
I love both Donnie and Yolanda, God really blessed them with great voices and that has to be appreciated.

inspiring | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/12

love this song I always sing-a-long whenever I hear it playing it's right for any situation with it's uplifting lyrics. Thank u very much and may God continue to richly bless u with inspiring lyrics Amen!!

Hope for the hopless | Reviewer: nelson ayebakuro ezekiel | 5/29/12

Indeed the song is a prayer.i was rivived from a illness when hered the song from a friend's phone.i stode up imediately and start singing the song since from then my life has changed.what a wonderful song from yolanda adams,a song i will never forget.

Awesome...Hope filled. | Reviewer: Alexander | 3/23/12

This song is really a marvel.
Eyes have not behold such a wonder.
"when shadows fill my day"...and i sing this brings hope alive in me...that his grace is sufficient for me.

bitterness to limitations | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/12

I cud remember sometime ago wen I desired to do ballet wit dis soul inspiring track, I only had a related tune 2 hum if anyone cud help get a CD for me.but tnks to a friend who helped. now i can sing n dance d victory's my no 1 on d list.nseobong

bitterness to limitations | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/12

i cud remember sometime ago wen i desired to do ballet wit dis soul inspiring track,i only had a related tune 2 hum if anyone cud help get a CD for me.but tnks to a friend who helped. now i can sing n dance d victory's my no 1 on d list.nseobong

Inspiring song | Reviewer: Maria Cora Damalerio | 1/5/12

I was inspired to listen to the song and I listen to it often.As I begin the day, this song helps me to be disposed to spend the day thinking that there is One who watches me from above.I hope that others will be able to listen to this song and make it a part of their daily life.

The Prayer | Reviewer: Osas Lily | 12/24/11

It's so touching, so meaningful, it's really a prayer song sung from d depth of Yolanda's heart. God bless u so much Yolanda. I love & appreciate u & I pray that one day soonest I'll have the privilege of singing with u Yolanda. from Osas Lily.

Heart lifting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/11

The Prayer is a song that gave us the encouragement to move on when I lost my cousin. The words inspired me a lot, knowing that there's a God that cares, who can be my eyes when I'm blind, my light in the dark, and knowing that someday this pain and sorrow will be ended is highly encouraging. A good song it is.

i wish nd pray 2 sing lyk yolanda adams. Amen. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/11

my outmost desire is for God 2 help nd give me d grace 2 sing like yolanda. I knw that nothing is imposbl wt him and i can do all things 2ru him that strenghtns me. Amen. 07038493857. If there is any way u can in traning pls do. Tnks alot.

A powerful song | Reviewer: Isaac Asante | 4/2/11

prayer is power! a prayerful song is powerful song. a prayerful singer can only sing a prayerful song. song of power is song of prayer. wisedom, knowledge,stremgth, can be found in this song. thank u!

My connection | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/10

As I listen to these beautiful lyrics , I know this will be the connection and my prayer to my daughter, her husband and two boys who are across the far away.
"Reaching out to touch you, reaching to the sky"

The prayer | Reviewer: Lugard Ebighe | 11/21/10

Love this song with much passion. Prayer for every christian. An 'every morning' song. Together with Chasing After You(The morning song), i call it 'A Christian Life Tablet'. Thats it am listening to once again- the eighth time this morning. 12 more times to go

It's hope giving | Reviewer: Adedoyin Shomoye | 4/28/10

It was at a sunday service that i first heard the song and i've loved it ever since. I called it hope giving because of the lyrics, just let it sink into you.I'm looking forward to when i'll be chance to do the song.