we love you | Reviewer: eboney campbell | 4/17/07

ms adams my best friend and i love ur music so much your voice just lift us up so much!!!!!!!!! keep doin what you doin to help us who need that man above!!!!!

Rooted-n-Grounded | Reviewer: Jenean Dunn | 2/13/07

Yolanda Adams is my all-time favorite vocalist. I was first mesmerized by her voice at Clyde Drexler's wedding in 1988. I remember returning to Portland, proclaiming God's anointing in her voice and explaining to my home town friends "she was my highlight of the wedding." At that moment,I was convinced that she would be the next profound gospel artist. In 1993, I was inspired to produce a play 'Highway Up To Heaven', inspired by Yolanda's music. To witness the growth of God's anointing in her life - year after year is amazing. I'm a Fan 4 Life!!!

About Childhood | Reviewer: Andrea | 2/18/07

What year was you born in?
How was your childhood like?
Do you have any sisters or brothers?

What A Blessing | Reviewer: Jengoa Agina-Obu | 2/9/07

I burst into Yolanda while listening to Let Us Worship Christ in Womem of Worship and it was a masterpiece. Ever since I have not stopped to buy every Yolanda music I see. You are a great blessing. I hope to meet you some day and tell you how wonderful you've been to us here in Nigeria. I love you.

More about Yolanda Adams | Reviewer: Jennifer | 2/7/07

Yolanda Adams is one of the best gospel artist

legendary gospel singer for life | Reviewer: candicegilbert | 2/2/07

yolonda adams is an sprit filled wonderful artist i love to here her sing i am a very picky person and for someone to sing and make tears fall from eyes not once but every time i here that god filled voice she has got to be talented not only that she appears to be a wonderful person for that reason alone she is going to forever be blessed i pray that god continues to bless and keep her, may she never change may god continue to work through her no matter what trials and tribulations she might come across.

An Inspiration | Reviewer: Lucien | 6/28/06

Ms. Adams to me is an incomprable singer and Minister of the Word of God. She shares the good news that God has to offer to us in new and innovative ways. She sung around the world for great leaders and she is respected by many people vocally, lyrically and spiritually.

Love seems to be an abondant commodity for this woman and make you think and to never give up on the Almighty God. Actually she was the woman who encourage me to sing on despite my problems with my tonsils with her critically acclaimed song "Never Give Up" and "I'm Gonna Be Ready"

Your're an inspiration | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/06

Yolanda Adams I just want to tell u that you are an inspiration to me I love you and I love your songs. Keep up the good work

A blessing from the Lord | Reviewer: Nathalie Knowles | 7/5/05

Ms, Adams i,ve listen to your songs and testimony they have been great inspiration and blessings to me,even the young people were i live, you are a great influence in their lives. I beleive the Lord brough you to us for this time and season.Please continue singing to the praise and glory of Almighty God. "I wish you were able to come in the area where i live".

thank you, and God Bless you always.