God bless you to bless us | Reviewer: mariette francis | 12/20/09

God has used you to inspire alot of persons like myself. I am presently at work and listening to your songs. Thank God for people like you whom he has blessed over and over again. Continue to be a blessing to us. God bless you and your family.

inspirational words | Reviewer: Tano | 11/23/09

Ms Adams,
I am from the caribeans.
i'll thank God you'll exist on this planet and you know why ?
I am fighting for my life at this moment against cancer and i saw a few interviews of you today and they gave me so much power, hope and much more believe in that the Great almighty God will save and cure me from this cancer, i cryed a lot while listening to those interviews but now i know My God never fails, Thanks for those fine and nice words, looks like they were ment to be for me, thank God and thank you, Yolanda Adams.
I love youre songs but consider a duet with Josh Groban( The prayer), i think that would be superb
God bless you and youre family

Looking 4 relatives. Can you help? | Reviewer: Monique Ford | 10/13/09

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE YOUR MUSIC. Its has got me thru alot of struggles with my family and work. I dont know how true this statement is but my mother Sharon Ford has always told me that she was your half sister and her father is your dad. I'm not looking for anything from you I would like to know if this is true?

Disable Children plans to dance to your song, "In The Midst of It All" | Reviewer: ynotchocolates@yahoo.com | 10/7/09

Hello, Mrs. Adams, I real enjoy your music. I work at a school with mentally and severally disable students. These students are in the process of learning a routine for their school graduation in May 2010. The instuctor has selected your song "In The Midst of It All" What an appropriate song for a group of students that has had struggles all of their lives with sickness, pain and even diagnosis of hopelessness, but through God mercy and loving hands, He has blessed them to accomplish this milestone to graduate from high school. The students and their parents will be overjoyed to have you come and sing your song at their graduation doing their performance. Please let me know if you will be able to make this a memoriable time in the life of students who has come through the midst of the storms of life. Thank you, and may God continue to bless your ministry.

you have blessed me | Reviewer: dietrich gideon | 7/17/09

helo yolonda!
it is not longtime since i hard your gospel music, but for this fewtime i have appreciated your music. i do love them and u at all
your ministry has blessed me much. may god bless u.

Being blessed by your gospel music | Reviewer: Lugendo Msegu | 6/13/09

Dear Yolanda, I am from Tanzania, East africa. Though it could be you have not heard of Tanzania, but your music is heard in Tanzania. I am one of your ¨fan¨ if you want to call. I heard your songs the first time in 1994. A song called ¨safe in the hands of God¨ was really blessing and ministering to me is a special way. Since then I always wanted to listen to your songs.
May God bless your ministry. Amen

you are my hero even though you are a woman | Reviewer: Romero Triplett | 5/13/09

i just would like to say you are my hero i love you very much and i would also like to say that god have belssed you a lot and i hope when i get older i can be sussefull like you when i get older .can you plese write me back.
love always Romero Triplett

The promisekeeper | Reviewer: John Smarth | 4/24/09

Miss Adams,I just want to praise our Lord Jesus Christ for the anointing upon your life which keeps enabling you to bring songs of inspiration to the down hearted. I must confess that your new album " I believe" is indid a soul-lifter. I am the associate editor of funtimes magazine and we wish to feature you in our june publication if you wish. May the Lord richly bless you.

my insperation | Reviewer: shawn derival | 3/5/09

hi ms adams i am a big fan of your music and i am a good singer .my cousin said i should be on teen idol .im 13 years old and i want you to pray for me and my family and may the lord be with you day and night

Book... | Reviewer: Ms.Adams | 3/5/09

Hello, Ms.Adams....I Just wanted you to know that I think god for you, because you have inspired me to make a STAND , trust and belive that God will make all things possible for me. He has direct me into writing a book about my trails and struggles that only he brought me out of. But when I here your powerfully voices it inspires me alot more.

Thank You and God Bless ,You and Your family !


Can you help me move on up?????Please!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Destiney | 3/1/09

i luv your music and i also know how to sing cuz i sing for the lord all the time.my two sistersknow how to sing and my mom and i want to see if u could help me become just like you.i am a big fan and i am 12 years old.my sisters and i are tring to make our own cd and my mom is in a group called W.O.W (weapons of warfare)and their cd is on myspace and facebook.im just asking if you can just help us make it up to the top.please!!!!!!!!!

Thank You/Be Blessed/Victory/ Still I rise/Take away/ | Reviewer: M. Monahan | 2/17/09

MS. Yolanda Adams I just want to thank you for your obedience. The year I became a Child of God, Our Mighty Lord (Jesus, The King of kings and Lord of lords) introduce me to you by CD. I just want to thank you for singing the many songs you have chosen to sing. As a Single mother of Three, there was always a song in whatever kind of seasons I was walking in, Storms, Resting in HIS bosoms, worshiping in song melody, being pruned, waiting standing, seeing through HIS eyes, looking for the lost, asking for guidance. Asking what about the Children? Knowing I could always take the words I heard you sang and find them in the scriptures. At times the songs could be the only way I could encourage myself deep inside and it would just strengthen my Faith. Other times I could only worship in song and the lyrics would fall from my lips to our Good Shepherd as a prayer. My Children know these songs Praise God
To God be the Glory and may you continue to be used mightily as you are lead by the Holy Spirit.

You're an Inspiration and a Blessing from the Lord | Reviewer: Karen A. Dalton | 2/15/09

Hello Yolanda Adams,

Ms. Yolanda Adams I just want to thank you for being an inspiration and a blessing to me and others. I enjoy listening to most of your music such as "Still I Rise", "What About The Children", "In The Midst Of It All", "The Battle Is The Lord's" and many more. Your music touches me in ways that you can't imagine. You are one of the most beautiful and talented young woman Keep on doing what you're doing that is singing for the Lord Thanks Yolanda. God Bless you now and always.

yolanda when i hear your lyrics it makes me feel like everything is okay and in my life you hit the hammer on the nail | Reviewer: Dashana | 1/5/09

i play your cd the best of me and it really makes my day i love be blessed its makes cry and i have alot of hope and faith in god.god is good all the time and all the time he's good from st.louis,mo

you are a blessing from god | Reviewer: lynn porter | 10/23/08

iremember what you said in your song victory when you had troubles ithink everyone goes through the hard times just like jesus said i never said it would be easy i only said it would be worth it. every time i think back to when i was homless and did'nt have a job it made me wonder about the homless to today here in lasvegas nv. everyone that makes of the homeless they said it won't happen to me not true iam not shame to tell anyone that iwas once homeless job and i stayed in shelter iam very proud of because thats how i got back with my father in heaven and reborn child of god take care love lynn porter