Ying Yang Twins | Reviewer: john | 10/8/2007

I really enjoy ying yang twins nice clean lyrics,especially in the song whats happnin'.
The Ying Yang Twins are nice, family oriented people. My 11 year old son especially likes the part where they say "Half step pussy ass nigga
Why you lookin' at a nigga like you wanna run one wit' me?
I got my big gun wit' me don't feel like doofin' I feel like shootin' FOOL!
And I don't like your atitude
You do shit that dem hoes on a rag'll do
Ol' faggot, you better watch your mouth
Fo' I be in front yo' house, when yo' ass come out
Ol' bitch ass, hold another nigga dick ass, BITCH ASS, NIGGA!" thats classic.

wow thanks alot ying yang twins

Sweetness | Reviewer: zeke | 7/6/2004

This song is their best one yet. It blew by all of the twins past songs.