Steve Martin in the Jerk | Reviewer: George Nash | 2/11/14

It happened at my AirForce Tech School. While walking down the hall during a weekend dorm party I heard this wonderful sound like nothing I'd ever heard before. I went into the rook and stayed there mesmerized listening to Fragile. I became a "Yes" man that instant. Just like Steve Martin's line in the Jerk "if that's out there, what else is". I love Yes and always will. I'm 61 now and still haven't grown tired of listening to them!

Stage shows | Reviewer: Mike S | 6/18/12

No biography is complete without a mention of the theatrical opening of the Yes stage shows. With the stage in semi-darkness an orchestral version of the Finale from Igor Stravinsky's Firebird Ballet Suite played over the band PA system. Part way through, the band came on stage to thunderous applause taking up their positions in time to segue into their opening number as the piece concluded.

For anyone interested in Roger Dean's artwork the trilogy Views, Magnetic Storm and Dragon's Dream plus The Album Cover Album are all available from a certain popular online retailer.

Jon Anderson's voice | Reviewer: Jim H | 12/9/11

Good review, but one correction: Jon Anderson does not sing in a falsetto voice. He sings in a normal male tenor range. An example of falsetto singing would be Sting's intro to Money For Nothing (I want my MTV) or Mick Jagger singing the outro on Sympathy For The Devil (Tell me sweetie, what's my name?). Falsetto is a "false" tone that allows a singer to simulate a higher range than their normal voice can reach.

Yes a band built to go on and on... | Reviewer: Daniel | 8/30/11

And they're back in 2011 ! Who would have thought, well in fact, Yes is a band built to go on and on through time and I am not really surprised of that. I remember in the dvd Yesyears, Rick Wakeman himself said; " Yes will still be going on long after we're all dead and buried ! " Well let's hope he's right, and I would like to see a new outfit formed with the member's children, like Damian and Deborah Anderson, Dylan and Virgil Howe, Adam and Oliver Wakeman, see what I mean ? As long as they keep the spirit of Yes, I would be happy to see the band going on and on through the years...

90125 - Dance Album? | Reviewer: David Fishwick | 12/30/10

Excellent article, though I must disagree about the assesment of 90125 as a dance album; it may have some cliche production techniques from the period but there is plenty of progressive music on it, much of it completely non-danceable.

reply to kent | Reviewer: jay | 4/5/10

I think what youre hearing is the different da da da da dah dah dahs....(in the back of the mix is also some dit dah dit dah dit dat dahs...)...its done in different times so that it creates a certain cacophony but then all resolves together at the last DAH.. followed by steves solo spanish guitar lick ending in a beautiful E major.

excellent article, but how about more on the Dean Bros. | Reviewer: John A. from SsssssssssWeden | 1/30/10

Roger Dean: Yes, Savouy Brown, Uriaih Heep,
& Roger's brother ____________, the sculptor extrordinar. The book "Dreamworks". Please correct. Also the light shows & stage formatting or whatever. Please elucidite. Fantastic revue & the best revue ever, (the Writer )never mind my love for the band, keep it up.

Ten True Summers | Reviewer: Kent Agne | 5/14/07

As with much of Yes's lyrical content, I have no clue what Ten True Summers is supposed to mean. I do know that it evokes an inspired feeling as it combines with the rest of the musics content. I really enjoy the concise informative article. I do have a question. It seems that there were times that I heard Roundabout that there were words being sung during the closing da da da da dah dah da. Anyone else have knowledge of this OR was I just a little too juiced on chemical amusement aids.