Anti-war song | Reviewer: MAS | 3/4/13

I read some explanations of this song: It is an anti-war statement. It describes the Establishment's (denoted by the "Queen") efforts to pigeon-hole us, by using the media ("news") to get us focused on our own selves. Hence, "Take a straighter, stronger course to the CORNER of our lives"!

self centered | Reviewer: alex301mi | 12/27/07

i only understand one line in this whole song. that line is: "dont't surrond yourself with yourself." that means to not be narsacisitc, or self-centered.

Good Song | Reviewer: Taylor | 11/9/07

I think this song is based on Through the Looking Glass, the second Alice in Wonderland book by Lewis Carroll. The whole book is a chess game, and Alice joins the game as a pawn, but makes her way through the board to become a queen.

one of those songs that gets you moving | Reviewer: tim | 4/20/07

i love the lyrics and beat gets ya moving even on a bad day andi have seen all good people

Great song | Reviewer: april | 12/15/04

I like the beat, yet I don't know what the first part of the song means. But I love the beat.