Genius lyrics | Reviewer: Tara Lynn Keebler | 11/19/12

Wow............these lyrics are so deep & genius! In my opinion is influenced by the REAL GOD who wanted no one to suffer & did not want earth to be hell for the son of God or any Jesus person who is persecuted for no reason! GOD BLESS YES!

Comment on Yes | Reviewer: Brian Hale | 10/3/12

The members of Yes were (in my opinion) all incredibly gifted and talented artists. What they did is not simply rock & roll, it is music of the universe, transgending all musical form. I have been listening to them for over 30 yrs and am still amazed at their artistry and talent. Biased though I may be, I have yet to hear anyone who can compare with this kind of music with the possible exception of Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream. I thank them all for expanding my mind and showing that truly, imagination is more important than knowledge. Messers Anderson, Bruford,Squire and Howe you all have my respect and love, please keep on keeping on with the magic that you do!!! With great Love and Respect I offer you Peace and Blessings always. Sincerely, Brian Lee Hale

A Modern Masterpiece | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/11

This is the seminal composition of the original (and still considered the strongest)line up of the British progressive rock band, Yes. The suite is based upon the book "Siddhartha" by Herman Hesse and explores the ideas and themes Hesse presented in is novelized life of the Buddha.
The lyricism of Anderson,the virtuosity of How, Bruford, Squire and Wakeman combined to make the "Close to the Edge" suite a masterpiece that long outlives it's "pop chart" success in the 1970s. In Close to the Edge, and the ancillary works contained on the album: (ex> "Siberian Khatru" "And You and I") one can hear the genesis of the many compositions the individual members of Yes created during the succeeding 40 years of their creative lives.
"Close to the Edge" id still performed by the individual current as well as byline-up of the band in concert; and attempted with varying levels of success by other musicians in other contexts.