to the funniest friend in the world | Reviewer: k.a.n. | 5/11/10

This song is absolutely incredible to me. One of my best friends, a witty and sweethearted girl, died yesterday. Her death affected nearly everybody in the school, whether they knew her or not, and she has brought our class together during a rough time in the year. Thank you so much Yla, and I hope I'll get to see you again <3

RIP Emma | Reviewer: Kayleigh | 3/19/10

She was someone very dear to me who passed away 7/10/09 from stage four lung cancer. I never got to say goodbye because I was a coward. If I could do anything, I would turn back the hands on a clock to say goodbye. It is my biggest regret. I miss her so much.

My Mother | Reviewer: John | 11/10/09

My mom passed away 3 1/2 years ago. It was 2 weeks before my 16th birthday. This definitely makes me think of her, and how tough it was after she passed. I never got to say goodbye...I was in school when it happened. God Bless all those here who have shared their story, may God be with you all.

Still want to stay anonymous by RIP Mom May 28th, 1961- April 25th, 2006

RIP Steven Gehrke | Reviewer: Christina | 10/8/09

I lost my boyfriend Steve to suicide July 25, 2009. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention which I am not involved in posted a YouTube page with songs survivors listened to, which helped them cope...this song was one of them. It is sad, yet upbeat and definitely reminds me of him. May your soul be at peace Steve, missing you always...

TAYLOR OWEN C. | Reviewer: Bam | 8/13/09

This song reminds me of my best friend Taylor! He was killed by a drunk driver 11 months ago, he was only 15. We all miss him greatly.

"No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye. You were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why."

I can't wait to see you in heaven Tay <3

I still miss you.. | Reviewer: Danny Oregon | 5/17/09

The feeling of loss overwhelmed me when i learned that my best friend had died in an car accident due to the fact his father had been drinking earlier, i miss him everyday and i always will..he was like the brother i never had..he always helped me to stand up for myself...Hey Lenny, if you see this from heaven..i just wanna say that i love you and i will cherish you forever..

Matthew Christopher Moriarty | Reviewer: Brittany | 3/12/09

a couple years ago, the one person i ever trusted with everything and my best friend in the whole world committed suicide. he didn't tell anyone amd no one had any idea it was going to happen. every single day i am reminded by him in one way or another. he was like the brother i never had. he knew more about me than anyone else and he told me everything. when he died he left a note of everyone he loved and that is the one thing i have left is knowing that he loved me. this song is my song to him. i never got a chance to say goodbye and if i could go back in time i would have been there to say goodbye and maybe i could have helped talk him out of it. i love him more than anything and i love him always. i will never forget him and this song is perfect to explain the way i feel because i could never put it in my own words.

Matthew Christopher Moriarty.
I Love and Miss you more every single day.
December 11, 2003.

My cat and my cousin. | Reviewer: Jonny | 2/3/09

Everytime I hear this song, I think of a certain someone that I knew who passed away last year. For the first while after he passed, I couldn't even listen to this song. It made me too sad. But now, whenever I listen to it, I can't help but think of all the good times we had. He was my best friend, and I will never forget him. This song has helped me through his death. So, even though they'll never see this, thank you Yellowcard.

Andrew | Reviewer: Me | 1/27/09

My best friend andrew died at the age of 18 a couple months ago. This song reminds me of him and everything that happened. I miss him os much sometimes idk what to do and this song helps. I miss him with all myc heart and hope he is happy up there and is watching down on eveyone that misses him

spes omnibus mihi quoque | Reviewer: Lost and Scared | 1/15/09

I'm so afraid right now. because of the first, well not the first mistake, but the first time I made this mistake, I might be pregnant, and the father just left. I'm dead to him now, and I feel like he died a little on the inside when I told him. he won't answer my texts, he never picks up. I'm so afraid if I am that he mght really go off and... but listening to this makes me think of everything up to that. all of our laughter, and when he used to smile how it'd brighten up my life. I'v lost so much. so many people have left this life to early, and I'm afraid of him joining them, but this song gives me hope that if something happens, that someone will be there for him to make him smile again up there.

bobby | Reviewer: jo | 1/14/09

My boyfriend and I just recently broke up (like 3 days ago). While I was listening to the lyrics of this song, I thought they had broken up, but then realized that she had died. I cried. Good song. I would hate for someone, especially that close to me, die. I love you bobby. I hope that no matter what happens between us, we'll both be happy.

my brother | Reviewer: joe cantagallo | 1/6/09

my best friend was killed on thanksgiving night. only reason he is gone cause people show off and speed and cause death. the car was going 90 mph in a windy neighbor and lost control, struck a tree and snapped in car in half. my big brother was thrown 150 feet form the scene and killed. this song makes me cry everytime i here cause at 10:00 thanks giving night (same time as the accident) this song was playing. its a beautiful song and sings the truth. he was only 17 for 4 days, thats it he will forever be missed.

RIP Petros "Dimo" Dimitroulakos

My Grandpapi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/08

My Grandad was very special for me. When my grandma died in 2002 i went to live with him because he was so lonely. I did everything with him, and he was the most special person I ever had. His health declined for 2 years, while I watched. I coudnĀ“t do anything about it. Then he went to my aunts for a week, and one day I went to the beach with a friend, to "loosen up". On my third day I went to a party, I got back home, and I recieved a call. My Grandfather had just died in the middle of the night. He left his ring and most of his clothes (I'm identical to him in almost every way, phisically, the way I walk...). What most hurts me is I never could say good bye. I went back to the city (a 6 hours drive), and went to the funeral. I just couldn't cry. Then, after about a year, I found this song at night while all alone in the boarding room where I lived. I cried for a week straight. If I couldn't believe in heaven, I'd died of sorrow already. I miss him SO SO much.

Reminded me of my Grandparents | Reviewer: Deb | 12/10/08

This is really strange. This is at least the 20th time, if not more I have listened to this song. I never understood what it was about until now when I actually paid attention to the lyrics. It reminded me of my grandmother and grandfather who both passed away in the same past year, 6 months apart. My grandfather was a great showmaker, and my grandmother worked in clothing shops. As I was enjoying the song, I thought of them watching me and being happy for me, and it got emotional.

- Deb

Truly Moving | Reviewer: Griffin | 12/5/08

None of you know me, but take my word for it when I say that I've very strong emotionally. I also have an inner eye that paints a mental picture in my mind whenever I hear a song. The first time I heard this song, I cried like a baby. My vision was a sad one, linking up to a sad song. The result made me think about how vastly devastated and destroyed my being would be if I lost my girlfriend, the true love of my life. I told my girlfriend about this and we cried together. That moment was magical. We connected on such a deep level with each other that our love so far hadn't reached. We kissed with lips soaked with tears and it was such a bonding moment. This song is the most meaning I've ever gotten out of a song. The runner-up is "The Approaching Curve" by Rise Against, but this song is still so so so so far ahead in the emotional feel.

My heart goes out to all of you who have lost a loved one and I send wishes out to all of you who know what love really is. I hope you will never have to sing this song and actually mean it.