View From Heaven | Reviewer: becca | 4/24/07

This got me through the tragic death of my father. Any given day it has the power to make me cry. Anyone's who's lost can relate I'm sure. Very moving and really has the ability to tug at your heartsrings. It's impossible to ignore the powerfulness and integrity of the song. It's a song of true mourning, but in the best way possible.

amazing | Reviewer: oghuz | 4/10/07

it's really a wonderful song, i haven't lost anyone, but i like this song.

Saying goodbye | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/07

Im in highschool, and ive made alot of friends this year that are graduating, especially one that i am really close to (love ya Cait ;)) Whenever i hear this song, i think about the way i am going to feel when they graduate and are pretty much gone out of my life. See you all in heaven!!! <3YC

in loving memory | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/07

I just lost someone so close to me. She was like my sister. we became distant for a while, but before we were always together. We did everything together. SHe passed away in a tragic car accident a month ago. I love yellowcard and i went to the concert, and this song reminds me so much of me and her. I didnt' get to say goodbye, but she is in good hands now. If she reads this i want her to know that i love her to death and i no some day i'll see her again whether it is far or near. I cry when i listen to it, but those are my feelings for her
RIP Babe never forgotten

Everyone can relate | Reviewer: Trent | 3/2/07

Truly amazing lyrics, thoguh I don't like Yellowcard I find this song so beautiful.
If you have lose someone you know how much you miss him/her and then you can cry along with a song like this. Yellowcard describes how the feeling that it's not realistic that the person has died, and you can't figure out way!
For everyone, regardless if you think Yellowcard is good or bad usually, listen to this song! Everyone can relate to the lyrics, and if not yet, sooner or later.
I dedicate this song to my mother who commmitted suicide summer 2005. You will always have a big place in my heart. May you rest in peace.

Loving Memory | Reviewer: Alison | 2/27/07

I lost someone who i lived so much and looked up to. He was truly my hero and this song reminds me of him soo much. Whenever I listen to this song I think of him and start to cry. Its a very powerful song and I'm sure so many other people think this way too.

lose | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/07

My friend was driving beside me on I-95 in jacksonville, fl; when he had a blow out and lost control at 85mph.
Her car flipped 6 times and landed in a ditch full of water.
She was killed on impact.
I was listening to yellowcard when it happened.
What I hated most was the fact that I saw it happen, and couldnt do anything about it.
Listening to this song really helps me remember her, and not forget about what happen.
I love this song and I love you kathryn.
I dedicate this song to you.

sweet | Reviewer: someone | 2/9/07

Last week i lost a good friend of mine. She's had a double lung and heart transplant. She lived four years longer than the doctors said she would. Well the just sent her back home last week and i was going to get to see her on the weekend. well she passed on before i got the chance to see her and this song gives me hope and comfort to know that i will see her once again! In Mobile i want to dedicate this song to the wonderful Chelsea Groves! an awesome girl love and miss by so many!!

Beautiful Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/07

I lost my mother from cancer last year, august 2006. Im only 14 so it was kinda hard, this song reminding me of her.

This song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/06

I love this song. Last year a friend of mine died. He was only 17 and whenever I hear this song a cry and I can feel him right beside me

The Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/05

An amazing song. It has the power to make me cry, although I've not had an experience like those other reviews. It's just a beautiful song.

Myke 15 UK

Missin u | Reviewer: Kels | 6/19/05

every time i hear this song it makes me want to cry... my grandmother just passed away .. i always think of her when i hear this song

Lost Friend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/04

This last New Years Day my friend and her two sisters died in a car accident. Whenever I hear this song I think about her and I can't sing along because I get so choked up. I am a songwriter and sometimes I can't find the right words to put into my songs. When I come across a song like this it's nice to hear exactly what I was thinking. This is an incredible song. It brings back wonderful memories of the loved and lost.

I love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/04

When I was young I lost a friend that was like a second grandfather to me. And as I grew older I found he was in my dreams alot. This song is how I feel about him and it make me almost cry when I hear it. I think the lyrics are so strong and meaningful and I'm going to shut-up so I don't get to mushy.

Heavenly Remembrance | Reviewer: Jen | 7/6/04

My grandfather recently passed away and times have been extremely difficult for my family. I absolutely love Yellowcard and bought their CD. When I listened to 'View From Heaven' I realized that the entire song reminded me of my grandfather. I now listen to that song whenever I feel upset over him. Thanx for writing an amazing song guys!