Billy ashleyxxxx | Reviewer: jonny | 10/24/08

this reminds me of my grandad soo much i loved him soo much and wanted to be exactly like him. i cried sooo much when he left us, and this song reminds me of him, i still cry now when i hear this song :(

Amanda Kordich | Reviewer: Paul Nierzwicki | 10/3/08

Every time I hear this song I just cry. It reminds me of my best friend, Amanda, who tragically died because of drunk driver. She was only 17. I miss you so much, girl.......

rip amanda 3.03.91-7.28.08

live today as if there was no tomorrow | Reviewer: Lauren | 9/30/08

one of my best friends of 9 years passed 3 weeks ago. he was 22 years old, died in his sleep. he was not a bad person, didnt do drugs, didnt get into trouble. life is unfair sometimes, but listening to this song helped me through this hard time, helped me realize he is in a better place now to watch over all of us. miss you joe. you never realize what you have until its gone. RIP 9-13-08 Joe :(

Paul | Reviewer: Amy | 9/23/08

A really good friend of mine was tragically killed a few days ago when he was hit by a car, he was only 19. He was one of the most genuine, kind and funny kids I've ever met. The world isn't the same without him.This song is so beautiful. It gives me hope that Paul's watching over us all right now. I love you Paul. And I will always miss you. Rest easy.

R.I.P. Paul

I love this song. | Reviewer: Angela | 8/1/08

This is my song on my myspace. I dedicated it to my friend who passed away last month. I miss him so much but this song puts a smile on my face knowing that he's up in heaven looking down on me && I know one day we'll meet again.

R.I.P. Drac<3
O6.14.O8 gone...but NEVER forgotten...I miss you baby boy.

GABE 88 | Reviewer: alberto | 7/20/08

this song ... explains how much i miss you gabe, like everything we have you been my hero since as long as i remember. i lost you in a car accident you were to young bro but at least you were GODS gift i miss you and this is a perfect song for situations like this ! ill be seeing you soon and im only 16 and im getting a tattoo of you in a month I LOVE YOU ! and miss you so much ! its diifenret withooutt youu !

gabe B.D.G

. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/08

This song helped me through the sadest thing thats ever happened to me my big brother who i was very close to died in a mining accident 4000 km away from where i lived i still remember the morning i got the phone call informing me it was 4am and i stayed over my girlfreinds who dumped me as soon as i returned home from the funeral two weeks later

I didnt get to say goodbye | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/08

I recently lost two people in my dearest aunt who suffered 13 years of cancer and my grandpa who died at the age og 98. He was a famous ski jumper in his time that was in the 1930's. My she was so special this song reminds me or them...and how i never really got to say goodbye...And I too really wish i could have said goodbye.

Rest in Peace Nicole (aged 46) and Opa Jan (aged 98)

Kelly Reen | Reviewer: Marile | 2/23/08

Um Kelly Reen ishop moore student died just a couple of days ago like on sunday, and this song helped me get over it a little bit because its true we'll all get to see her again heaven. R.I.P Kelly. Luv ya 4 ever <3

RIP Lorie | Reviewer: Beth | 1/13/08

this song helped me get over the sudden, unexpected death. She was killed in a car accident at age 18. It wasn't even her fault! she was one of the pretiest, nicest people i know. Her sister and family were crushed. But this song will help them as it helped me.

RIP Lorie
08.21.89 - 12.11.07
God got His Christmas present early<33

Keith, thanks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/08

reminds me of a really close friend who gave his life for me. i should have been the one dead. or atleast i should have gone up with him..


i miss you keith..

Helped | Reviewer: Beth | 1/13/08

This song helped me through the sudden death of a friend. This song helped me know that shes in God's love and shes going to be okay. And that i can get through it.

RIP Lorie
08.21.89 - 12.11.07

amazing song | Reviewer: Brittany | 1/12/08

I love this song. My grandma was the most important person in my life. When she died I wished every day that I could be with her and hoped that she was at least in a better place. Everything reminded me of her and I felt so lost without her.

RIP Nick | Reviewer: Sammi | 1/10/08

Someone treally close to me just died on Christmas Eve. I miss him like crazy but this song reminds me of him

RIP Nick

Your loved now and forever
Till we meet again <3

Love it | Reviewer: JoJo | 1/2/08

This song is the most played on my mp3. It reminds me of my 3 best friends that died, and I miss them like crazy. I love this song soo much.