space travel... | Reviewer: chino | 11/4/09

hey, for johhhhh, ben harper was still in the band when they recorded lights + sounds, if you don't know.

Space travel really hit me the first time I heard it. It's a little boring, but it's a good way of expressing the feelings. It has a very good message..

love that song

:-) | Reviewer: anonymous | 2/26/09

I ♥ this song!
I don't know how or why, but somehow I had a glimpse of Wall•E as I listened to this song for the first time. Weird, right?
It makes a little sense if you think about it...

Either way, YC is AWESOME!!!

feel fly | Reviewer: faqih shinoda | 8/25/07

first i heard this song, i feel back to the past, and i feel i was there in it's country. i feel i was a child and i feel this is nature song from it's country. and nin think that it's country was so peace............

space travel? | Reviewer: georgiaaaa | 6/25/07

the whole space thing is okay i guess
but i dont really understand the whole metaphor thing
i dont know...
there are a couple verses in the song that are good and yer some crap lyrics too....
empty apartment is still YCs best song out

space travel! | Reviewer: johhhhh | 11/8/05

firstly when i heard this song is wasn't as good as i expected it to be..(btw im like a massive yc fan) like empty apartment or way away. Anyway, after hearing this song again and again it grew on me, LIGHTS+SOUNDS is gona be one of the BEST album they've produced since the departure of Ben *cries*.
I love the beginning of the song!!