Stand Out in all touching songs | Reviewer: Laurenthia | 10/6/12

man, I don't even how to start this. I have been listening to all their songs for the past few hours, and this one stands out. The music, the rhythm and lyrics just shot straight to my heart. I can feel it, I can feel myself in the song and the song in myself and to realize somebody else knows what it feels like through these experiences I am experiencing make me feel so .. touched. Thank you Yellowcard .

exactly life experiences. | Reviewer: schyrrhrdryllz | 5/31/12

i am really having a rough time settling back with my girlfriend after we were apart for only months because of school. she don't want to be near me any more neither does she have hope for our stay together. surely faces stay the same bt there are always shadows and regrets.

NOthin to Regret | Reviewer: Rajat | 12/23/09

These guys are doing amazing stufff.. i love the yellowcard..its the best pop/punk band ever....
Their songs are all awesome and i can perfectly relate them to me& my life...
this song does great job in bringing nostalgic memories of what i used to do with my childhood friends.. i miss it a lot.. we all are still friends..even though i havent seen themm for 6-7 years..
this song was written for us...

touching text (best i have ever heard) | Reviewer: kenneth | 3/7/08

This reminds me about when i was young to, like when i heard it i just though about my childhood. Me and my best friend doing things we did when we where young, things we cant do now becouse, we are to old and stuff. when i hear this song 1000 and 1000 memories and frames just passed thru my head. This is how evry artist should make their text, text that makes images in our soul and in our heads, to make us glad, and think back at the time that have passed us, what we have said and felt us to regrets, he sings: i'm back, back in town, and evrything has changed, i feel, feel let down, the faces stayed the same, i see, see shadows,of who we used to be, when i drive, drive so slow through this memory, and we were only kids, and we were best of friends. But me and my best buddy are best friends yet we have been friends for 17 years, and we are doing sick stuff yet, i have fighted with him i have done some sick things (mostly when we were young) so i just saying this is the best song ever! all i have showed this song to, has liked it . Alot!
and we hoped for the best, and let go of the rest.

where's the time... | Reviewer: washink | 12/12/07

this song remind me about my exgirlfriend,Shella. Few years ago,we both lived in very graceful life... we loved each other... her smile always made me feel that we would never be it has been changed dramatically... now,we just like two new born soul...
she always acts like she doesn't know me at all....
Shella, I love you. but I said it in the past...

This song just moves me in alot of ways | Reviewer: Josh Rose | 9/30/07

I bought the new Paper Walls CD and this song Shadows and Regrets is the best off the album IMO. So well written and a nice melodic tune. I like how hes reflecting on the past and realizing how things have changed so much, and this is reality for each and every person on this planet.

"When we were only kids
And our time couldn't end
And how tall did we stand?
With the world in our hands"

"Everything has changed, faces stay the same"

"I see, see shadows
Of who we'll always be
And I drive, drive these roads
That made our memories"

To me if a band can write music that touches the soul than they've done there job as musicians. Thats what music is all about finding that inner strength inside the listeners.