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omg!!!!! | Reviewer: bruttany | 9/16/04

i live near where they grew up, neighborhod wise, and i live in jville! they deffinalty rok my sox! i am the biggest, most number 1 fan at my school! if u dont love yellowcard, your a freakin dork man, they deserve a 100 out of a 100!!!!!!! also because ryan key, is soooooooooooo hot!

definitely great music. | Reviewer: Julie | 9/13/04

hi im from NY and im actually friends with ryan's sister, lyndsey. when she first told me about yellowcard i listned to their music, and i just gotta say that they really know what theye're doing! the're songs are very inspirational and shes got the best brother ever by far.

I love Yellowcard | Reviewer: Alex | 9/2/04

I first saw "Ocean Avenue" on MTV and I started remembering how easy I may fall for these kinds of bands, you know; that's how my addiction to Simple Plan got started and now it's Yellowcard.
These guys are really good and I like that violin sound in their songs.

In general terms... I may become a Yellocard fan! :D

a true rarity | Reviewer: Claire | 8/13/04

Yellowcard is an authentically impressive band. They're one of the only bands around today that is unique as well...

YC is really well rounded, and they have awesome music. end of story.

Awesome Band!!!! | Reviewer: Crystal | 7/6/04

Their music is just kick-ass. Everytime it comes on the radio, my friends and i start singing along to it really loud and roll the windows down and we just laugh cause they're a fun band and they make great music! Their soft side is just as good, if not better! you can totally relate to their music and to them! i give yellowcard 5 out of 5 stars!!!!!

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