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Performed by Yellowcard

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Amazing song | Reviewer: Dan | 9/9/04

This is a great song that represents perfectly everything YC is about. Great melody, lyrics everyone can relate to, and most important, you can sing to it! I'm sure everyone has that girl(or boy) they can't get off their mind. The song that made me buy the album!

Only One | Reviewer: Brandon | 9/9/04

This Song is Awesome And Brings Out Our Inner Emotions And Its Awesome To give To Your Ex. First Time I Heard This Song It Just Built Up Till The End And It Felt Like Butterflys In MY Stomach. That NEVER Happens So Its Got to be A Good Song. ROCK ON YELLOWCARD!!!

Only One | Reviewer: Yellow What? | 8/31/04

This song is so awesome, the chorus and the guitar combine to form one of the greatest grooves ever. Im 10 and too young to understand the dating stuff, but rock on guys!

My only one... | Reviewer: Agnes | 8/16/04

Hi everyone, I`m from Portugal, and I love this song... it`s a great help, for the couples that broke up, and not also, this song explains how much we love our boyfriend or girlfriend,or ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend...
Thanks Yellowcard for this song that is one of my favourites...=)


I like it :) | Reviewer: tasha | 8/11/04

I love this song!! I've had it on my computer since the album came out, I'm just glad they're finally playing it on air.

yellowcard-only one | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/04

I love this song, it shows about the struggle it takes to piece together a totaly awesome relationship 10/10 for sure

Yellowcard - Only One | Reviewer: Alissa | 8/7/04

I love Yellowcard, most people can easily relate to each of their songs, especially this one. It has a great meaning to it and you can tell that its for real when they sing it. Keep up the great work guys! <3 you!

ExGIRFRIEND | Reviewer: Mark | 8/4/04

This song is great and really good for ex girlfriends and trying to get them back. Anyone got any other suggestions how to win someone back. I'm open for anything. Just respond with a review. Thanks.

This Song | Reviewer: soraya | 8/3/04

this song.....this song is so sad. But, it's great! It's a really great song, listen to it! ^_^

my only one | Reviewer: exboyfriend | 7/18/04

this song is great.. i gave it to my (ex)girlfriend to explain exactly how i feel. thank you yellowcard.

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