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Performed by Yellowcard

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theres juss no one, no one like you(: | Reviewer: somone | 7/30/10

As we all kno, there are some guys out there who are jus pervs n losers n lameos. But wen u find the rite one, the one you kno is urs, he's all u want, n he seems perfect, but somehow things.. tend to go wrong somtimes "broken this fraigle thing now.." but you still love that person even tho u kno there no good for you. N somtimes u have to let them go.. life has its reasons for things."so let me go and you will find somone" it reminds me of miserable at best by mayday parade for some reason <3 great song.. lots of heart n understandment :)

takes the story rite out of my life | Reviewer: only one ^_^ | 7/30/10

Wow this realy take my story out of my life.. he left me.. but still loved me. He had to leave me for the best we are eachothers only one. :) tho life always has its ways to bring us together. ^_^ "so dishonestly I leave a note.." juss takes my life in song lyrics.. this song makes me cry :')

My only one. | Reviewer: Jordan | 6/4/10

This song describes my situation perfectly.
i dated this boy for two years.
Fell in love with him, he fell in love with me.
He feels hes not good enough for me...
"and I know you can see right through me, so let me go, and you will find someone."
But He is my only one.
And I'm his.

only him | Reviewer: princess of DK | 4/19/10

i so love this songs.i can't get enough singing this reminds me of my ex.he's just my only matter how much he did to me,i just can't deny that i love him still.I'm still waiting for a comeback though.wish he will.

I wish you wouldn't scream | Reviewer: Lys | 4/17/10

You know... my friend just gave me this song... I don't know how to take it. Is the guy in the song letting go of his he giving up? Man, love is hard. See, this guy and me... we've been friends for years, we tell each other everything, and is there such a thing as being so wrong we're right? Hah, he always sends me things like this after he hurts me. We'll never let go though. A lovely land of fairies, hearts, and kissing in magical trees doesn't exist, but it seems like we can create that world when we're together. That's what this song reminds me of. He's the only one I can do that with. Here's to only ones, to young stupid love, and to learning together, figuring out who we are as a team. Here's to the magical land of only one's... where yep, that dancing elf... is you. Haha.

Truth Hurts | Reviewer: The Romanticist | 3/12/10

"I let go, but there's just no one who gets me like you do."

Indeed. Your ONLY ONE is the one you know who'll understands, cares and loves you the best. But what if that person's feelings is on the other way around? Well, that...really hurts. Big time. I am really in love with my girlfriend or 'my life' as I call her and I have given up my everything just for my life. I am so happy about my life's presence everytime but now, I don't really now what's happening. I think my life's not in love with me anymore...well, it is so complicated so if you have time just read my blog at

only one ! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/10

it really reminds me how my life changing spending time with her . . .i miss my girl so much . . .and until now she's still playin in my mind . . .we split up a couple of months ago with a non sense reason . . and now im all alone . . . and i dont think where she is now . . .
my message to her:wherever you are im still right here waiting for you to come back . . .im sorry for all the mistakes that i've done to you and i love you so much . . .good luck . .!

I wont walk out til you know.. | Reviewer: Chienatx | 1/29/10

i really like this song.. my bestfriend dedicated this song to me :P I really like yellowcard and this song and also the miles apart. huwow ! soo.. ahaha. i love my bestfriend.

FB: :)

gone | Reviewer: stockton | 12/15/09

i was with my girl for two years, we brought out the worst, and best in each other..this past month we split..shes moved on..and im out on my own..i know ill think of her till the day i die, she was my other half.

First Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/09

This song reminds me of my ex. When we first started seeing each other he saw Yellowcard and heard this song and called me singing the song on his way home. We were together 2 years before out split.

Now that we have been apart for years every time I hear it I always remember him and how we loved each other.

First loves <3

Scream those Lungs out to try and get to you | Reviewer: Gabriel | 12/11/09

I changed a life full of those bad memories .Nothing can take away the faith I have that even though i find us now so Far away...the pain and regret of those unspoken dreams can't change what I was when she was almost near.
I tried to make this girl realize through actions rather in a great song not words :l that If I could be anyone in this world, I would be me inlove with her.

Amazingly life changing | Reviewer: Charles | 12/4/09

I moved to the bronx and met this amazing girl. She was smart caring and everything about her enchanted me. I fell in love with her instantly. This song represents everything I went through to be with her. I finally have her now nd I'm never gonna let her go V&C 12.1.09

love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/09

this just reminds me of my boyfriend...we are together for 3 years and hes my only one and he always will...
he lives so far away and so often i felt like giving up but when i hear his voice by phone, and that beautiful words he says...i cant help it but standing...
love is hard sometimes but life's made for trying, trying hard

my only one and another | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/09

This song means so much to me I liked this guy my best friend since the 7 th grad he started dateing my bestfriend I was crushed we whent to see them playlive at a sum 41 concert another guy was there that I was talking to and he asked for me to run away whith him I whent to my best friend told him that I loved him thanked him for takeing ne but I wasent going home whith him that there wasent anything holding me there anymore this song came on he started crying wail we had are 1 st slow dance and he begged me not to go we were both crying he told me things whould get beater and he ment it well I whent home whith him he cheeted on my bestfriend whith me and I felt horribel she found out and was pissed of course he left her for me and we been together for 3 years I miss my bestfriend I never ment for it to happen like that she never will forgive me but I love him allways even if it chould happen to me I am 19 and he's the only guy for me the 1st kiss 1st everything and I was 1st everything for him to but kiss that was my best friend he really is my only one and I cry every time I hear this song makes me think of that day everything I gained him and everything I lost my best friend :(

love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/09

This year, I fell helplessly in love with a boy. He honestly was my Only One. We promised each other so many things and planned on getting married one day. About a month ago, however, I found out he was cheating on me with a girl four years younger than us. He broke my heart. But I hope he can find happiness wherever he ends up. I still love you DBL II, but I know I can and will find a better guy out there.

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