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Performed by Yellowcard

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This song is amazing | Reviewer: Lisa | 10/28/05

this song is so amazing, and it reminds me of my crush . I love you Ronnie

Relate to anyone? | Reviewer: Abby | 10/10/05

I'm having a hard time with my ex(who still has my hear)and he said he thought of me when he heard this song... what do you think he meant.. Anyone?

:o) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/05

Yellowcard. Wow, what a great group of musicians. I can really relate to there music. Ocean Avenue is one of my favourite ablbum even after 2 years. 'Only One' has interesting lyrics along with all other yellowcard songs. Seriously, get there album. Very uniqe and un -put down able. (tee hee)

i luv u yellowcard | Reviewer: Sarah | 7/21/05

I LUV YELLOWCARD!!this song is one of the best songs ever,and the funny thing is i kept on skipping it when it came on my internet radio!!!but my big brother said it was a cool song so i lisetned to it. he was the one who introduced me to what music i listen to today.:)~sarah

best song eva | Reviewer: Vicki | 7/18/05

i wasnt a very big fan of yellowcard untill i hurd this i have listioned to all there songs and im a huge fan...but i have to say that only one is still there best song

LUVVVVVVVVVVVVED IT ! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/05

There should be more songs like this out the it's the best It makez me happy wen i hear it even on the worse days!!

best song ever! it reminds me of my life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/10/05

i love this song so much especially the music video because it reminds me of me and my boyfriend who i luv very much... it's on my xanga now! (the music video)

The best Yelllowcard song | Reviewer: Becky | 3/3/05

This song made my cry the first time I heard it. It really got to me because I was kinda in a wierd mood when I heard it. It's now one of my favourite songs. I wish there were more songs like this out there!

BEST SONG EVER | Reviewer: kaehla | 2/25/05

This song inspired me to write my own song. Its nowhere near as good but just the first line of the chorus inspired the first line of my chorus, the tune and the words. Thank you so much Yellowcard you guys are awesome!

Kooooool! | Reviewer: Zuhaitz | 2/22/05

wau this song is perfectly perfect!!! The best! gora yellowcard!!

LOVE IT!! | Reviewer: chiks | 2/7/05

this song is totally awesome and Yellowcard will 4eva be my ONLY ONE. It brings out the other side of u that ppl never bother 2 c cuz they r so judgemental!

Yellowcard Rulez!!

review~ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/05

this song is like t0tally AWEsOME... the beSt and MeaniNful song and lyrics i hv heard so far that just want me to keep on repeating this song.hey,this song totally make me so emo!!

love eeeet | Reviewer: aimz | 1/8/05

this guy i know told me it reminded him of me when he was on a coach coming home to london from a blink 182 gig in newcastle

Awesome | Reviewer: Doug | 11/25/04

These guys r awesome i love there music. This is one of my favourites

It makes me cry... | Reviewer: Kacie | 9/20/04

I'm not typically one of those girls who cries over nothing for silly stupid little things, but I do love music. I'm fairly hardcore I guess...but I love music in general...Yellowcard isn't a band I probably wouldn't normally listen to, but the first time i heard this song, it was during rough times, and i cried myself to sleep listening to it over and over again...i love it so much...thank you Yellowcard...

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