AAAAWWWW!!!!! | Reviewer: Natasha | 4/23/07

This song is like, waaayyyy freaking cute!!! Good idea for a serenade. (; I love it to death...simple, yet powerful. Gives ya the little tinglies all over.

Awesome song | Reviewer: Meaghan | 4/13/07

This is such a good song! & Yellowcard is such a good band!! They are my favorite band, & i dont choose favorite's!!

One of da best of Yllcrd | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/27/07

Simply the best song, iut has everything, the melody and the lyrics are amazing

Emotions | Reviewer: Keys | 2/24/07

This one just makes me smile. It hits me right in the heart where I know a lot of ppl can relate. The lyrics fit a certain situation I'm in, and reminds me of a certain someone that I won't soon forget. Amazing lyrics

amazing song | Reviewer: creb | 2/22/07

This is definitely one of my favorite songs on the Ocean Avenue lyrics. Pure and simple lyrics and melody, it touches me right here <3

Viva Yellowcard! I love you!

Yellowcard | Reviewer: heather | 10/11/05

i really like this song..just hearing it makes me feel good

guitar | Reviewer: Sarah | 6/7/05

THIS SONG HAS THE MOST BUITIFUL GITAR EVER! and the voices are like angels!

Gorgeous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/04

This is an amazing song. Yellowcard puts great emotion into their songs, and this is no exceptiong. Five stars of five.

i love yellow card | Reviewer: cat stevens | 10/9/04

these guys rock, i would seriously recommend investing in all their albums. keep your eye out for their latest album to be released later this year.

cat stevens

Lerics | Reviewer: Retief | 9/3/04

I want to play the song on my guitar