Stay | Reviewer: Someone | 11/26/07

Work through everything. Don't lose what you hold closest to you because in a moment life can pass you by and the last thing you want to live with is regret. If you love someone, don't give up, never give up. Just stay. Stay.

=( | Reviewer: savannah | 11/19/07

Yellowcard says what i can never say. Their Ocean Avenue album has helped me relate to petty little newbie relashonships, through insanity of getting over someone you cant let go, to growing and changing and maturing my relashonships along with sex, and everything in between.

one year six monts | Reviewer: regret... | 11/9/07

one year six months my girlfriend and i broke up... I've known her since sophomore year of high school.we dated for two and a half years, all junior year till freshman year college. she was my best friend and to this day we still are [in] love with each other... but so many factors stand in our way to us to getting back together...

We only txt or Instant Message, no phone talks or person to person convos. Its too hard to see her and not be able to wrap my arms around her and give her one of those passionate kisses that you only give that "one" your "one". its just too hard...

it kills me inside to know that we could never have what we once had...

I just want to tell everyone out there, that if they find that "one"like i had, don't push each other away with petti fighting or arguing.. work through it all, work with each other, and in the end you will see how small those fights where, and youll realize that you two are so much better than that. Or you will end up like me, wishing he could turn back the clocks and undo the things he didn't to, listening over and over again to a stupid song , just wising.....

ilu | Reviewer: Blondiee | 10/23/07

Well me and my boyfriend are still together
going on 18 months. Almost 1 year and 6 months!
Looove you babyyyy!

----- 15 year old

=\ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/07

its almost been a year and six months and this is exactly how i feel about him. how can 2 people who are perfect for each other be apart? i just dont understand.

:'( | Reviewer: Lupizzle | 10/8/07

omg so this song is like making me sad...i miss my exgf she is really great and i love her a lot even though we have been broken up for 7 months...u know the funny thing is that my exgf's brother is in yellowcard(ryan mendez) and like ugh i just miss being with her and her family

awesome lyrics | Reviewer: kris | 10/3/07

these lyrics are GREAT!!!!!
they remind me of so much stuff
esp. the memories i have wit my friends
its a great song and it has so much meaning to me

cry | Reviewer: steph | 9/29/07

i recently broke up with my boyfriend.
a few weeks ago, when we were together, i read the lyrics to him and also read the comment written by ashley which says that this song is the reason they got back together (which is beautiful by the way).
so now, its kind of ironic, that we broke up around the time of our one year six months.
it makes me weak to listen to this song, and i have cried so many times to it. i still love him and care about him more than anything in the world.

me and him | Reviewer: anonomus | 9/25/07

my first boyfriend; his first girlfriend
this was OUR song, and if he reads this then i think he will know that it's me writing this.
i thought we were meant to be together
and this song brings back so many memories. x

love it | Reviewer: T | 9/19/07

This song makes me think about this girl, we are the best of friends now, but it was the first song I heard on her myspace when i first met her, I really like her a lot, and a lot of things went on between us, and well, this song just makes me think of the better times we used to have

I lived this | Reviewer: Ashley Lynn | 8/30/07

My boyfriend and I broke up on our year and a half anniversary so I can tell you right now this is deffinately a song that reminded us of each other. We both heard it and after a few weeks we got back in contact and realized we belonged together. Now we are going to be getting married and having kids together and I thank this song for that. If it werent for hearing this song I dont think we would have realized we lost the most important things in our lives, each other.

The past | Reviewer: mightness | 8/12/07

I listened to this song for the first time with the most amazing friends that I am still in contact with. Things have changed in the five years since we first heard the song four years ago. The people we met and drifted away is what this song reminds us of. You want to hold on to each moment as it passes us by and try not forgetting it. "Maybe we'll forget, I hope we don't forget" I never want to forget the amazing times I have had with my friends and how we've laughed our way through all of our issues. Basically I love the song

Acoustic Yellowcard = Nostalgia | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/07

It seems that this song captures the occasional pause that we sometimes have in our lives when we think "yeah I remember back when ... how can I forget?". While anyone who listens to this song can capture the nostalgia of their past, I feel that "One Year, Six Months"truly applies fully to the high school/college transition. As the chorus of this song begins, I always think "what did happen 18 months ago?". It's truly a remarkable song.

Wow | Reviewer: Alisyn | 4/29/07

Well, I just listened to this song for the first time in about five months, and it still takes me back. Back to the first time I heard it (four years ago), back to those friends (where are they now?), back to that home, back to all of it...and almost to tears. I love this song and every time I hear it I get butterflies in my stomach -- it's crazy how much a song can mean in life!

just perfect ! | Reviewer: lalala | 4/24/07

is the most beautiful song ever !
i just love it ! it mak's me remember :(
its a bit sad but in a perfect way.