My angel | Reviewer: Kayleigh | 9/18/12

This song keeps playing on my pandora, so I know Anthony wanted me to hear it. This song reminds me of my boyfriend Anthony who passed away 8/17/2012. Today would have been our one year, happy one year my angel. Thank you for showing me this perfect song. I love you infinitely, and I'll keep you alive until my last breath.

memories | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/11

It was 8 months and 2 weeks. Everything was going so perfect. He promised he'd never let go of me and will forever keep loving me. We've literally been through so much and we overlooked all of our obstacles but at the last point he gave up and left me for another girl the next day.

God's glory | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/11

i like this song becasue it reminds me of my girl friend we have been together for 18 months or one year and six months she gave me this song for our 18th month, and it was kinda funny becasue we both made pillows for each other, and it was cool how he said in the song like sew this up with threads for reason and regret, but we both dont regret it.

hmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/11

this song makes me think of my current boyfriend and all the amazing times we've spent together. he's been my boyfriend for 8 months but we've been best friends for 2 years. I was in love with him for a year before we first got together but then he left me for another girl in a different state. It took me about 4 months to get over it. And when I was finally okay, he broke up with his girlfriend...and he was back to me within a few days. It took me a couple months to like him again...but we're finally together. It took one year six months for us to finally be together. And I love him so much and I am so lucky to have him. I wouldn't trade him for anyone or anything in the world.

memories.. | Reviewer: | 2/26/11

@doc4ever ; we had a same problem, me broke up with my boy friend 2 years ago coz those silly things that 100% my fault too.. Now i really miss him =( i hopefull me and my boy freind can back too =)

almost a year and 6 months... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/11

Finally fallen into the oppertunity that I had waited what felt like a lifetime for.. But it still wasnt the right timing or situation. I made the wrong decision and lost what I had wanted for so long. A year and six months ago I WAS happier than ever before in his arms. Now all I can do is fall back into the memories and hope that one day fate will bring us back together like I always hoped. I swear if given another chance.. I wont mess it up this time.

Perfect time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/10

It´s nearly one year six months ago, when I had the time of my life, a perfect time. I was at a pentecostal camp with the best people for two weeks. And all i can say about it, is "Wow!". It was such a great time that I will never forget. I think about it everyday.
One of the persons of the camp told me about Yellowcard last week. Later I heard the song "One year six months", and I thought it was perfect. It tells my feelings when I think of the fact that it´s really nearly one year six months ago when I had the greatest time. It feels like it was just yesterday, when we came back...

1 year 6 months of heaven | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/10

This song is amazing. Yellowcard was the band my boyfriend & I listened to all the time. However I don't think we ever really listened to the meaning of the lyrics. After being together one year & 6 months (so crazy) he passed away in a car accident. He will always be the love of my life & the closest thing I have to heaven. Missing him every moment of everyday...

... | Reviewer: douglas | 11/5/10

this song remindes me the girl I most loved ever.. it has been one year and six month we´re not together.. and I still think of her every night before fall asleep, and every morning when I wake up. Just cant get her out of my mind.. =/

Colin | Reviewer: Victoria | 10/27/10

This song is for my ex Colin...he was the best. We dated for a year, I moved, and it took 6 months to get over him after he broke up with me. I love him still. But this is a good song for someone that you still love if you're not with them anymore...

:) | Reviewer: doc4ever | 10/12/10

Remembering my ex. I broke up with her coz those silly things that 100% my fault.. Now i really miss her.... want to travel back the time so i wont miss eachother...but it impossible.. just can pray she will back to me someday :)

Wow.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/10

This reminds me of my very very best friend, been friends for a year and six months!!! Since we got into this college... We uses to be always together, we both knew that we could never be lovers.. But still I loved her.. But then something's got a hold of us and we changed.. She cared too much about what people had to say about us.. She never listened to me, instead she listened to a total jerk.. Who she liked... And now I'm in pain.. I can't look at her and see her happy without me, and she doesn't care that I'm hurting without her.. All I ever wanted was to be the closest to her...

most amazing song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/10

amazing song brings out so much emotion and memories of me and my ex we were together for 10 months then things fell apart now were back together but things still dont seem like theyll b like before

I just smiled as i cried.. | Reviewer: Nitorima | 12/17/09

This song made me remember those things my ex and i had done for about 3months goin out. Though we're just doin silly thngs 2geder, doin nothin all I know was that we are as one and happy when we were stil together but then every rela. has to end due to some reasons such as; clashing of personalities, immaturities, misunderstandings, silly fights and bein so casual over a relationship. I really had loved him so much to the point of breaking up wit him. For now he's stil my sweetest downfall.
*This yuletide season i definitely want us to be together, that's my only wish and if granted i'l be the real me.. Not the best gf everyone has to wish for, coz really that's the major reason why we broke up.

-> though t'was been 9mos since were done, i stil in love wit our memories bhie..

perfect | Reviewer: KayDawg | 9/11/09

this song is amazing! I can relate to this besides it being a year and six months, But when i was with my ex it sure did feel like a year six months. Such a great song, really does bring out the emotion.