Adventurer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/09

Two summers ago, I did a 500 mile bike trip across Michigan. Ten girls, four guys. From around the world. Now, i miss them so much. Its crazy how close 500 miles, 36 flat tires, 12 campgrounds, 13 days, countless hills, a nasty ear infection, 3 leads, and 1 adventurer could make us. Then, i heard this song. i shared it with the. They love it. They feel like it describes the trip perfectly.
This december, itll be one year, six months.

wow. just wow. | Reviewer: neela | 8/10/09

i love this song so much.
it explains exactly how i feel about my ex. i loved him more than anything else in the world for such a long time and he loved me too, but then something just went wrong and it wasnt the same anymore. and all i could hold on to were memories of him. so even when he was being a jerk and treating me like shit, i loved him anyway because now i was in love with the guy in my memories, not the present.
but hearing this song kind of convinced me i just needed to move on
cuz you know
it'll never be the same again.

heart broken | Reviewer: | 5/10/09

i was dating the love of my life for one year and 6months untill i blew it. When i broke up with him because other guys gave me attention.. and now hes in a deep depression nd on depression pills from the pain i caused him.. now i want him back and things are harder than ever .. "think twice before you do somthing"

LOve you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/09

One years six month ..I have met a Guy and He live to far ..but I love him and I would like so much to be with Hin .I cannot froget him the last good bye..I miss him all the time.Everytime I close my eyes it is him I see

Sad and jEalous.. | Reviewer: Paul M | 3/23/09

I almost one year and 6 months this April since i cut my communication to my friends....
my two close friends fall to each other.. she never knew that... I fell in loved to her.. I tried not to cry about what happen... I'm such a loser....
after the school year end I transfered to other school so that I'll forget my pain.... but like this song means.... I cant forget them T_T

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/09

I'm falling into memories of you,and things we used to do

it really does say everything
i regret it, and i miss what it was
but it just went wrong, and it cant be the same
i know exactly how it feels
no matter what i do i'll always remember

Perfect Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/08

I just saw the title of this song when I was browsing for songs. It really captured my attention. It was exactly six months I was with my ex boyfriend. We just broke up for some reason. I guess it all ends after one year and six months. I love this song, though it reminds me of him...

1 year 6 months | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/08

to me the title means that the couple almost made it to two years but started to drift apart.
my favorite part of the song :
"and being on this road is anything but sure"
i can relate to the confusion and fear of the future of you and your loved one

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/16/08

this song couldn't be any more right. I've been with the same guy for about six months. And I already sorta feel like we are drifting apart. I love him so much. I don't want to lose him and be living this song. I want to be with him for the rest of my life. I don't know what I would p without him. He's amazing.

too perfect | Reviewer: ashley | 7/17/08

my ex has this on her profile and i know it explains exactly how she feels. it just can't be the same anymore. i love her more than life itself but it just can't be and now all we have are memories and it does hurt.

just found this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/08

so many people have said this same thing, but ilike this cos it fits me so well

i was with my ex for 1year 6months
and then you're so scared yu'll forget all the good stuff
but you're not allowed to stay to close to the memories either

and so it sucks.
nice song, tho.

:( | Reviewer: boo | 3/11/08

it's been almost exactly a year and six months, that me and my ex been together and broke up, we were the happiest couple, then.. he moved away, and i couldn't take it anymore, and i've tried to move on, but i can't.. this song explains everything about me and him, i love it.. it's one of my favorite songs ever.. thanks yellowcard<3

aww. | Reviewer: maddie | 1/25/08

wow this song means so much to me. in exactly one week my boyfriend and i will be spendin ae 1yr. 6months together, and as much as i wish the song was a little happier so it could pertain to happier couples, it still is a beautiful song that brings me to tears every time i hear it, since i'm so afraid that something like that might happen between me and my bf. i dont think i can live on memories alone.
we have been together since the beginning of high school, and have known eachother since pre-school. this song is so fantastic... hah i love it as much as i love him :)

Regrets | Reviewer: EmptyBox | 12/16/07

This means alot to me. I'm still standing on the same spot I was standing 1 year and 6 months ago.
Still wishing to have you back and still feeling awful about letting it end like that =(

patience? | Reviewer: -anonymous- | 12/13/07

It is exactly one year six months since me and my best friend fell in love with eachother. We've had so many chances to act on our feelings but didn't because it would wreck our friendship. I regret it coz we could've had something special. I'm not giving up on him- just to say I love you. Knowing I can't be held by you it kills me. I've found myself listening to this stupid song over and over thinking what could've been. But learn from this everyone- like "Someone" said it's awful living with regret. Never give up and be patient coz sometime in life everything will turn out just how you wanted.