Keeper is universal | Reviewer: Trevor | 4/6/13

Like Lauren said I think it has a universal meaning.... I have been on and off with a girl for a few years now.... But I lost feelings for her but hoping they come back.. But after her being suicidal I don't think I can go back. Now I have feelings for another girl but I cannot tell her how I feel and she can't tell me how she feels because of the situation I'm in..... Favorite song by yellowcard.

This Is My Silent Dedication To Him | Reviewer: Magaly | 5/5/11

Over a year ago I was happily dating somebody I did not know would mean so much to me once I lost him. I was not only ungrateful to him and his efforts to please me, but I disrespected him and behaved like a brat throughout the entire relationship. He on the other hand continued to love me and be there for me no matter how ill-mannered I was.
Then he left me, and even though he wanted to patch things up and start all over I refused to accept him again. I believed he was better off with someone who would appreciate him much more than I could.
I miss him so much, and this song is my purpose for holding on to those good times when I had no idea things would turn out this way. I pray that if our paths ever meet again in the future, I will be able to tell him how I really feel.

Regrets | Reviewer: Finch | 9/8/10

I love this song, I recently got broken up with after 3 years because of mistakes made and problems in the relationship and as the story goes all the realisations of how bad of a person you really were come to life at the tip of it being way too late.

Now I must stand back and watch somebody more deserving take my place, Heart breaking but as the song goes, We brought it on ourselves

Never knew.. | Reviewer: awesome | 12/31/07

I can relate to this song.
I think anyone can relate to this song.
There is always someone in your life that you wish you could spill everything, but there is something that is stoppin you to do so..

love this song. <3

I love yellowcard lyrics.

Kelsey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/07

Yellowcard does it again....

the first time i ever saw yellowcard in concert i was going through my first real was just before the album ocean avenue came out so no one had ever heard "only one" yet...when i heard it, and listened to the lyrics, it felt like the song that should have been written for me by the one who broke my heart, and there in the middle of a rock concert, mohawk and all, i cried...

not too long ago this amazing band came to town again...i didn't even know they were touring again, nor did i know they had a new album out, so i had never heard the song "keeper" and once again, i listened to the lyrics, and it felt like the song that may as well have been written for me by the one who broke my heart, and for the second time, in the middle of the crowd of scene kids at the cotillion, piercings, tattoos, and all.....i cried

amazing music...thanks for the lyrics:)

Perfect | Reviewer: Alex | 11/12/07

Describes how I feel about the girl that had to walk away from three and half years rather then tell me the truth about how she really felt.

Amazing | Reviewer: Lauren | 10/29/07

I honestly believe that this song is the greatest song on Paper Walls. It has a universal meaning behind it and it's definitely something that will and has been stuck in your head.