I LOVE THIS SONG! im in luv with it! its my besttttt song | Reviewer: Sam | 3/6/12

HEYYYAAAA...luv this song cuz it has sense n i already had a fight with the bff! n now we r like enemies! this song is likeeee rlly WHAT AM I FIGHTIN FOR? ......its like realll...i always fight 4 no reason! n thnx....hope she knows that song!....lol
PLUS: im a girl! :p

Great! | Reviewer: Wobby | 4/18/10

I really like this song, i'm fighting but don't no what for :S
Music is the best invention i love it!!
music what has meaning its the best. Atm i love Artis in the ambulance by Thrice because i had car accident while listening to this song. Age 17 Nickname wobby... Bye

great song (: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/10

I just LOVE this part:
What am I fighting for,
There must be something more,
For all these words I sing,
Do you feel anything?

& the melody is so rad too...:)
This could be my favorite Yellowcard song.. <33