cigarette...i love you more. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/2008

me and my bf just broke up at two weeks ago... the reason was the distance, because he study in a far place from me, and I feel so sad... listening this song, makes me think that everything is posible..i hope...

I can't contain! | Reviewer: mari | 12/27/2007

my ex-boyfriend introduced me this song.. i've started to love this since it complies with our relationship.. but unfortunately, we broke up.. since then, whenever i will commit to another relationship, i always dedicate this song.. jus now, my recent boyfriend broke me up December 25.. i've sent this song to him.. i hurts me a lot but this helps me more to start again..
Jus wanna say that i will wait for my beb_06..
i loveyou so!

:( | Reviewer: Naomi | 11/17/2007

man i friggin hate breaking up with someone.
my bf just left me for another girl and i cant listen to any yellowcard song without trwisting it just to fir my sadness outta this all.
i guess im just waiting now for someone better :(

Nice song | Reviewer: Ste | 8/1/2007

I remember when I was talking to this really nice girl, called Georgia. But she lives about 1 hour - 1 hour 30 minutes away from me. She was really sweet, perfect in my eyes... But things went a little bad, so I sent her this song and told her to remember us.

These days, we still talk, and all our old feelings come back when either one of us listens to it, so it could turn out to the song that brings us together.

Anyway, seeing as no-one has talked about the song itself, it's a slow, melodic acoustic song. Very nice.

cigarette | Reviewer: colo | 7/10/2007

it all started when i was in HS i had the best gf that a guy could ever had , and our relation started to have problems at first and we both listen to this song one day and we both saw that we could work our problems ...and it was all fixed then 2 years later this same song end up our relation ... u can take it in a good or bad way but its the best of all the times

cigarette | Reviewer: mika | 2/16/2007

when i was still in high school i have a bf and we broke up because he is studying in a far place from me and we both need to concentrate in our school.. i play this song with my friend pau 4 my ex during our jamming and i told him that i will wait for him no matter what..hehehe i really love this song hope it will work 4 us..

Cigarette | Reviewer: Kendyl | 3/22/2005

My boyfriend and I broke up in January, on Valentines Day he called me and played this song on my message machine when I didn't answer. I still loved him, so when he left a message asking me if that was true, I was really happy. He said that he would wait for me, as long as he had to. He asked me out again on March 9, and we are not having any problems. It all started with the song Cigarette! <3