Breathing, Yellowcard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/13

I love YC, like, a lot... but at first I didn't understand the lyrics to breathing and I skipped it on my playlist every time, cause I hated it. I loved the music intro though, which was the only part of the song I'd heard, so I finally listened to the rest and I don't want to delete it anymore... it's okay now, but seriously, if you haven't heard Telescope and Here I Am Alive and Be the Young, download. now.

Beast of a song right here | Reviewer: Jerry | 10/9/11

This song literally plays into what im feelin right now. like i have an ex and idk what to feel about breakin up with her. i have another girlfriend already but idk if it was too soon and whatnot. yellowcard is freakin awesome

WOW! | Reviewer: Jevi | 8/7/09

d.funnie, the same thing has happened to me!! this song describes so many things that i've passed in the months after i broke up with my (current) ex-girlfriend, it's amazing!! i feel myself so much indentified with this song!! i've listened it hundreds of times and even translated to my language!!

i can feel you breathing | Reviewer: d.funnie | 5/26/09

this song it's exactly what i've been passing lately about my ex... it's been two months since i broke up with her and i'm felling all this song says... shit
yellowcard is awesome =P and another great band is rise against listen to it!

............. | Reviewer: | 5/8/09

dude, no words can describe this unique band they take instruments that normally dont go together chuck it in a blender with the most back riddled mind boogling lyrics and make the best garden for eveyone else to enjoy. you rock guys! keep it up!

OMFG! | Reviewer: Andrea | 12/26/08

OMG! I hell love these guys! Like, I didn't know who the hell they were until my dad got this computer game called "Flatout 2" and then that's how I fell in love with this band. :)
Also, what's his face.. Rob Zombie and that other band Rise against. But these guys are my favourite band, although.. Every one I know has absolutely no idea who they are and it annoys me.. Aww well, I love them! :)

razer | Reviewer: bow wow | 12/29/07

This is a good band ! wow! i like it so much ! i canĀ“t stop listening to it!:D but they musicvidio is not the best !;D they could do much better but i like it yeah i do !;D;)

amazing song | Reviewer: Aka Anbu | 8/16/07

Yellowcard is such a good band and this song emphasizes on just how "wow" they are...

awesome | Reviewer: ogdenib | 7/7/07

its kool how they put violin and kidna mix classical with pop punk. any other dude could play the violin along with a guitar and drums and look like a complete idiot but these guys make it kool. =)

about the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/07

...This song means so much to me...and a special guy showed it to me one day.
I never got to tell him she should've stayed...

Just incredible | Reviewer: Kitiara | 3/28/07

I love this song..It remind me so many things, I can't stop listening it..

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/05

What a good paced, emotional song . . . .Yellowcard's got a unique sound and they play it well

cool | Reviewer: Heather | 7/17/04

it's cool