I love this song | Reviewer: Heston | 8/18/07

I just think the lyrics are beautiful.
These guys have really made a great tribute to those firemen.
Hands Up to them.

amazingly awesome | Reviewer: leonard | 5/12/07

man...i almost rcried...this BAND TOTALLY ROCKED MY LIFE!! lets me remember what happened to all the sacrificed lifes on sept 11

amazin song | Reviewer: x_HEZ_x | 4/29/07

i think the radio voices should be put in as well... -
1st radio announcement:-
At the end of the day, we take into our hearts and minds those who perished on this site 1 year ago and also those, who came to the soil, in the rubble, these reporters out of chaos, to help us make success out of our dispare.

2nd radio announcement:-
The world has a litle note, who are long remembered of what we say here,

love this song!!

what are the radio words? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/07

i want to know what the radio voice is saying... its hard to hear

Amazing song | Reviewer: Liam HARKIN | 4/2/07

This song was really moving when i heard it. Th radio voice is one of the speeches made about the fireman saving so many lives and not thinking about their own , only saving others. Thank god for fireman they give so much!!!!!!

Believe | Reviewer: Ketil | 3/18/07

this song is meant for all the firemans that lost theyr life in the 11/09...

and really:
Everything gonna be allright, be strong believe..
^^^the fireman said that while the lead singer was rescued out of the tower... so he had really gaved him inspiration...

and the radiovoice is acctually that fireman that saved his life....

Perfect! | Reviewer: Tara | 2/13/07

This song is one of my favorites! It reminds me so much of 9/11 and all the people who risked there lives to save others. Sometimes it makes me want to cry, but in a good way =)

Awsome song | Reviewer: Sam | 2/21/07

who is the radio voice? This is a september 11th song right?

this song practiclly saved my life (: | Reviewer: dyazz | 2/4/07

'Everything is gonna be alright
Everything is gonna be alright
Everything is gonna be alright
Be strong believe'

i thort things wud be fucked up.
till i found this song. listened to the lyrics
and that part i just typed in before
made me feel soo much better.
thhanks yellowcard (:

Makes you think | Reviewer: Happy_Chicken | 11/16/06

At first, it seems like it was written to one fireman from September 11. Later, though, it is realized that the song is for all fireman from 9/11. The songwriter than implies that you should think of all your near misses with death and that you should be grateful and relish everyday. He then draws a parallel to the soldiers who fought to end slaver (the Gettysburg Address)
Makes you think a bit...maybe you should cherish life more