1863 | Reviewer: Andrew | 6/13/11

This song is about the rememberance of the brave men and women who fight this long struggle we as Americans have been suffering since the declaration of independance was signed. The last bit of this song is a quote from Abraham Lincon during the Gettysburg Address when he made an apperance after the battle was over and the Union had won. As some of you may not know, the battle at Gettysburg was a significant turning point in the civil war and had it not been for all of the people who believed in human rights we might not be here today. His words sum up the entire song and our entire Nation. We will never forget what happens on any tragic day in our lives, but whats really important is that we dont forget eveyone who gave their life so that we can one day know what its like to have peace in America. This song is dedicated to the tragic events on 9/11/2001, but it is also a reminder to everyone who listens to it that if we dont stick together as a country, then we dont have faith what this country was founded on. Freedom may not come cheap, but this song gives me a lot of hope that there are people out there who do believe their is still hope for peace. Had it not been for faith before out time, we may not have been able to see this life...

Everyone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/11

Hey guys I know that you have been arguing a little bit about this song, but I feel that this song is about remembering those who died on 9-11 whether they were heroes or not. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. If you believe war is wrong, thats fine. If you believe no one on 9-11 was a hero, thats fine. If you believe serving your country is right, thats fine. We should just accept that everyone may have differing viewpoints about a certain topic and respect the other viewpoint even if it is contrary to your own by not trashing the other persons beliefs. I understand defending your beliefs, but not at the cost of attacking someone elses. Let's just appreciate the song together. If a 17 year old can accept opposition and respect it, so can all of you. May you all have a great Memorial Day tomorrow!

Fire | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/10

I know this song is about 9/11 but the other day I was driving home and I saw these two fire trucks standing next to a house whos roof was on fire. I was reminded of this song and how these firefighters are in fact heroes!

@Riaan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/10

No, the workers at the WTC were not the hero's of 911. But that does not mean we should forget about them. Every human life is precious-all of the men and women who were killed in the attacks had family and friends who loved and cared about them. These were people just doing their job, and were killed for no reason than to spread terror.

Fantastic song, by the way.

Heroes? | Reviewer: Riaan | 10/22/10

Let's just get our facts straight here, because I've heard conflicting rumours about who the 9/11 heroes where.

The true heroes where the firemen and police who died as a result of going up into the building. The 3000 or so people who worked at the WTC's were NOT heroes, they were victims, that's all.

Those WTC's workers certainly wouldn't have shown up for work on September 11th 2001 if you had told them that doing so would result in their death.

They were not heroes. They were victims. Got it?

- | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/10

Why doesn't it suprise me when searching the lyrics of this song I come across debates about the war...

This song has NOTHING to do with the war, it doesn't applaud troops but neither does it go against war, it simply reminds anyone who listens of the heros of 9/11 - Nothing else.

@Rapenzie | Reviewer: Anon | 7/13/10

It kind of says

"again today,
we take into our hearts and mind
Those who perished on this site one year ago
and also,
those who came to toil in the rubble
To bring order out of chaos,
to help us make sense of Our despair"

which IS in fact talking about ground zero, aka the 9/11 site. Aka, for everybody who served in helping those get out of the collapsing buildings.

This song isn't even about a generalized war to begin with, it's about the incident that took place in New York on 9/11.

But if you must talk of it, war is killing people yes. In order to save even MORE people, your OWN people. We fight for things we love, it's in our nature, war is natural. It's a shame you're so ignorant when it comes to that, too. If it wasn't for soldiers fighting wars, you might not even have the opportunity of enjoying how your life currently is so get your head out of your ass and be thankful.

@Rapenzie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/10

Actually this song is about firefighters and cops on 9/11 which, I believe, was a terrorist attack on American soil.
As for your comment about how soldiers only serve to kill, you have obviously NEVER served in the military. But even so, you're welcome for the 5 years I put in so you can spout your anti-war rhetoric and try to insult soldiers.

@The war | Reviewer: Rapenzie | 5/27/10

This song is not about that... this song is about people that save lives (firefighter). War only serves to kill people. It's not about what you do for your country. It's about what they do for the people... they protect us. You kill people.

Fitting Tribute | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/10

I try not to listen to this song too much. I'm not even American, but the loss of life on 9/11 is universal - or should be. I've watched documentaries on the firefighters and police who went into the towers that day and it just breaks my heart. This song embodies that element perfectly; honouring those ready to lay down their lives, even unknowingly, for the chance to save another.

I don't really have words to say how I feel about it. This song says it better than I ever could. Honestly, it makes me cry every time I hear it. I can't bear to think of how the bereaved would feel about it.