believe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/06

this song is so moving. it makes me cry to hear this song, recollecting all of the sacrificed lives of such brave men/women on sept.11.

Think about the love inside the strength of heart
Think about the heroes saving life in the dark
Think about the chance I never had to say
Thank you for giving up your life that day

(The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here)

Be Strong. Believe. | Reviewer: Shugo | 5/1/06

Awesome song. Really pulls at your heart strings. I esspecially like "Everything is gonna be alright. Everything is gonna be alright. Be Strong. Believe." Great song!

Believe | Reviewer: ---x---Xena---x--- | 4/13/06

Wanna hold my wife when I get home
Wanna tell the kids they'll never know how much I love to see them smile
Wanna make a change or two right now
Wanna live a life like you somehow
Wanna make your sacrifice worthwhile

makes you think doesnt it.

believe | Reviewer: atreyu | 3/15/06

yes same as alot of people first time i loved the samples
but then i read the lyrics with it and made me think, first i tought it was about a girl who died or his family
but as i read here its about the firemans!

this is definetly one of my favorite songs!
if i was a girl i think i'd cry every time i head this!

The Best! | Reviewer: Katherine | 12/15/05

When I heard this song I just sit there thinking about the lyrics. I almost cried, I love this song and yes be should all be strong and believe!

The Meaning of The Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/05

At first it was believed this was a song dedicated to a fireman who saved the lead singer from a burning house, and in doing so lost his life. However it is simply a song to all the fireman who died during the September 11 terrorist attacks.

BE STRONG BELIEVE! | Reviewer: | 8/11/04

This song is so inspirational. We need to do what they say, "Be Strong Believe!" It teaches us the lesson of a lifetime.