Perfect | Reviewer: jimmy | 6/6/13

I moved from my hometown in rural Pennsylvania to the San Francisco Bay earlier this year with stars in my eyes and a lifelong SF Bay dream pushing me. Three months later, I'm having real trouble economically and I may have to move back home. Upon asking myself whether I want to move back home (which I thought would be impossible) my mind brought up this song. It is absolutely perfect for my situation. I came here because of a dream I had, left behind a supportive family and group of close friends in hopes of adding some substance to my life, but the reality is that people don't welcome new friends out here like they do at home, and no one wants to spend the energy to care about you. I feel like an alien on a strange world, and no one wants to listen to my story. I think I might end up going home and trading the California dream for the love of all the people that make me who I am.

Saddens the hell out of me. | Reviewer: Cris | 7/11/10

This song reminds me of Los Angeles. I used to live in Los Angeles and then I applied to the US Naval Academy and got accepted. Now I live here in Bancroft Hall. Military life is pretty hard sometimes, I miss Los Angeles and all the people I left over there.

Deep meaning | Reviewer: Valerio | 11/24/08

Very very beautiful song.
I'm not american, i dunno about California and stuff. But the universal feelings of missing something so bad, and realizing that reality is not always like we thought it would be... well, I know them. Thanks, Yellowcard, you said something very true.

About the song Back Home performed by Yellowcard | Reviewer: Casey | 7/16/07

California is like that, but at the same time its different. Its not always sunny. You can never see the stars. But the people are so judgemental and heartbreaking without even trying. Its a big stereotype that Cali is perfect. Id give anything to get out of here.

sad stories of an adolescnece torn apart | Reviewer: me | 7/13/07

Great song. Reminds me of, well, back home. Im 15 and i lived in california until i was 3, then moved to iowa. my parents then decided to wait until i was 14 to move to florida and completely uproot my life. Again, this song reminds me of the friends and the special girl I left "Back Home"

yes | Reviewer: enterprises | 7/6/07

the idea of how california is always sunny, but everyone is blind is totally a great analysis, it is quite ironic this song... and makes one very sad, and makes them long for the simplicity of life, because in the complicated world nothing is real

its my life | Reviewer: me | 7/6/07

i moved from Satellite beach Florida all the way to San Fran California. coast to coast. This song is my life...i was pulled away from someone who i was starting 2 fall n love with...and i never really got 2 feel it. every1 wants 2 c how it is where i live but there really is nothin real for them 2 c here.

This is a cool song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/07

I think this song is cool because it's decribing Hollywood, and how it's not all that it's ed up to be. It took me forever to figure that out, but once I did, it made sense.