Not completely correct lyrics | Reviewer: Jon | 12/2/12

Does nobody get these lyrics right? this is the third site I have went to that had them WRONG. Why does'nt somebody listen to the song and then submit the lyrics? I would correct them but it's not that important to me. For example the first word is CHECKED not CHECK sheesh, you get the idea?

Awesome song! | Reviewer: Stacey | 7/12/10

To thew40 I could actually understand them quite well even without reading these lyrics, apparently someone doesn't listen well enough.

I personally think it's one of their best songs. It's quite amazing. But I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinions.

Anyway awesome song, very addicting. Such a great band!

good tune | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/07

whoever said this song "actually blows". you are fucking retarted. Sorry that it's not hilarry duff, maybe you should go watch some MTV you pussy.
On a more positive note, great tune, any news of a third album for the band? I am excited as hell.

Sealings - Driver - iTunes | Reviewer: ignacio gonzalez | 6/20/07

i bought the song only through iTunes; i found it by chance in the soundtrack to the videogame Driver - Parallel Lines
go get it now....

Bad song | Reviewer: thew40 | 6/21/07

This song really blows, actually. It's terrible. By the time they get to the second "Love is in the metal," I have to turn it off before my ears rot off. You can't even understand the hell they're saying half the time.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Reviewer: Pennylane | 6/1/07

Yeah yeah yeahs totally rock the boat.
Ive been listening to them for quite some time..

screw iTunes just steal this song | Reviewer: no sealings for me? | 5/17/07

Fuck you iTunes. If you won't sell me the song unless I buy the whole album, then it's goodbye iTunes and hello Limewire. You pathetic attempt to spur sales of an outdated concept is driving people to piracy.

M'azing | Reviewer: May | 5/10/07

I'm so sad that it's album only for Spiderman 3.
I love the sound of the song and lyrics are
well sung by Karen O of the YeahYeahYeahs.
Great song!!! ^_^