Seriously, enough fighting... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/10

To the guy who posted below and the other girl, while wishful thinking and seeing multiple sides to a statement is a good quality to have, thats not the case here. Obviously if you read what he wrote before (About the song being garbage and the lyrics being awful) then you'd know thats a definate insult. But you know what, who CARES?! Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and theres no rule on this site that requires you to post only positive things about the music. Fighting over the internet is so pointless; Just let it go.

Anyways...about this song. A-MAZING! It's one that you can play over and over again and still never get tired of hearing. Still don't know exactally what its about, but I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of being preassured into something dealing with drugs or sex. And they are one of those bands that you can never figure out the exact meaning, but thats what makes them a great band; When you can create your own meaning and still find a way to relate to the song.

idiots. | Reviewer: Anon | 11/3/09

lol you guys are a bunch of idiots except Chea. I
don't think someone that ins't into yyys would come here and make a bad joke. i think, like Chea, he said ''killing music'' with a possitive connection, like the music is so fucking good. gosh.
now, i really enjoy this music but i'm indecided if it's about drugs or sex or both e-e yyys's lyrics are sometimes hard to know what it is about, and that trully gets me.

Killing music???? I dont think so, sunshine. | Reviewer: Angel | 9/19/09



YYYs are NOT the bands killing music. The killers of music are rap singers and hip-hop singers, seriously Rap and hip-hop ARNT even music.

Karen O have a wonderful voice, and the lyrics match her voice well. YYYs are mabye one of the only great bands left that care about their fans and play wonderful, most-meaningful music.

Rap and hip-hop arnt even forms of music, but Indie-rock, alt-rock, 131, punk and rock (and any of genre YYYs have) ARE types of music!!

To sum it up, YYYs are just a bloody awesome band, and should tour Australia, coming to Melbourne 100x!!! I wanna go to their New Years Eve show in Lorne, Victoria, Australia.. but im busy NYE... So it sucks... I hope they come back.....


Chea | Reviewer: Dick | 4/21/09

Maybe he meant to use the word "killing" with a positive connotation...I mean, if the dude was conscientious enough to correct the wrong lyrics in the same sentence, if he took the time to look the lyrics up and come to this joke of a website, he must at least subconsciously be a fan of the music..


coome on! | Reviewer: caro | 2/26/09

WTF!!!!!!!!! kiiiilling music? it's one of the best songs I had ever heard
you may say that you dont like them (and I would think you are crazy too) but KILLING MUSIC?!

PD: I'm from argentina too and sorryf or my english if there is something wrong

Meaning | Reviewer: Sam | 7/8/08

I really have no idea what the song is about either, although it sounds somewhat sexual in nature if you read it over again with that connotation. I've become totally addicted to and love this band, but everyone's opinion is unique so hey, what do I care if YOU don't like it?

YYEEAAHH | Reviewer: Teddy | 1/19/08

First heard this song in the L word promo for season 4, and immediately can't get it out of my head. The intro is just so ROCK! Luve the song....

POPA | Reviewer: Christian | 10/27/07

if you dont really like the song then just f*** you, i mean how can you say this is killing music? please come on and tell me,
what kind of shitty music do you hear??

PD:im from argentina

Nat | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/07

This is a wicked song!!!
i loove it.
shutup you gays who don't like it

!!!! | Reviewer: taylor | 7/12/07

this song is beautiful and magnificent with amazing guitar riffs and it will be stuck in your head for days and determine your mood.