directed at Dave. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/07

if you don't like the song or the artist, why are you looking up the lyrics? clearly no one wants to hear your opinion.

so.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/07

Yeah Yeah Yeahs is the last band to be "killing" music, and its "Dont fall asleep with laura" not "motor"

Re: yeah yeah | Reviewer: Lyssper | 4/16/07

Sorry, but I don't personally recall any recent news about music's impending death. If any one band were to ruin music, it surely wouldn't be the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. There are far scratchier voices, far less meaningful lyrics. Kelly Clarkson has copied them for goodness sake.
Get a grip and put your rants toward womanizing rap music or something else instead.

yeah yeah | Reviewer: Dave | 2/13/07

This song is absolute garbage, from the awful lyrics to her scratchy voice, These groups are what is killing music.

Goodness Gracious Me | Reviewer: Karen O (I wish) | 5/8/06

I ABSOLUTLY love this song. It's so crazy and with so many different bits in it you think it's several different songs. It honestly is my favourite one of there songs, right now.

P.S: Does ANYONE know what it's about?