I agree with the other Ken | Reviewer: Ken J | 10/30/13

The difference between Christianity and all other religions, is that unlike man-made religions where man is trying to reach up and appease God, Christianity is the only way that God reaches down into humanity and raises men who receive the opportunity to come into His realm. As for atheism, there is no such thing. If one is truly intellectually honest one must admit that no one knows everything, right? Therefore, there is the possibility that God exists somewhere in the realm of the unknown. Right? Now we are being intellectually honest, correct? So what is the name of one is not an atheist but has an honest issue with believing in God, who created everything for His own good pleasure? That person is an agnostic. The definition of an agnostic: one who is not committed to believing in either the existence or the nonexistence of God or a god.

How does one become a believer from an agnostic? The same way the other Ken mentioned - one must be drawn by the conviction of the Holy Spirit, the 3rd person of the Trinity. We were all once non-believers - no one is born believing in God. There are no 2nd generation Christians. Every individual must be called and that is God's choice.

Since I am chosen I am able to rejoice that God has provided a way for me to spend eternity with Him. If you have not been chosen, then you are sadly condemned to a life of eternity without God. You can blaspheme God and He may still choose you. You may do good works as implied elsewhere and by various religions, but that doesn't assure eternity with God. I pray that God, the Holy Spirit, will convict you as you read these simple words of truth and you will find God's love and salvation as expounded in His Word, The Bible. If you reject Him, He may not reject you. Look what happened to one thief on the cross- he came under conviction and was in Paradise that same hour with Jesus, the Lord. The other thief rejected Truth and was condemned by God's hand. Pray that you receive truth while breath still exists in your body and that God will receive you! Salvation comes by the only provision that God ever made: acceptance of Jesus as the substitutionary atonement for your sins. This is very personal since sin is a personal affront toward God and yet He also graciously provided the required sacrifice for sin - a death. Jesus paid my penalty that He did not owe for sin that He did not commit. Grace is getting what I don't deserve while mercy is not getting what I do deserve.

God is the Universe | Reviewer: Ted | 12/28/12

We humans are not the sharpest tools in the shed. Enough people say something and we choose to believe it, even when evidence to the contrary is overwhelming. We know there is a god - quite intentionally spelled with a lower case g - because there has to be. Otherwise, how could we possibly exist? And so, we feel a deep need to fill the void in our soul with an answer. To fill that void, we create gods and convince ourselves to believe. "Dammit, I will believe this and nobody better dare to prove me wrong or I will kill them and their family and their cousins and their cat and burn down their house and kill their neighbors too!" So is the fragile, scared, ignorant human. But the truth is so obvious that anybody, even the foolest of fools, can see it if they want to. God is the Universe - spelled with a capital U for added drama. Think about it... god is everthing, right? The universe is everything, right? No beginning and no end because even a beginning and an end will be part of the universe. Got a bunch of universes? Not possible. Uni... One.. Entirity... There can not be more than one universe because the collective would then become the universe. Everything that has ever been, everything that will ever be, everything that will never be or has never been, every thought, every thing unthought, EVERYTHING! That is the universe. Burn the universe to ashes and the ashes will still be the universe. So why, then, do we create imaginative gods which, deep down inside - or in some cases quite consciously, we know darn well is not true? Why do we so adamantly protect our foolishly self serving beliefs about god? Because to that god, we are special. As long as we believe in our self created god, we don't have to fear death, because if we are "true" believers, we will go to heaven when we die. Also, as an added bonus, bad people will go to hell. That's right... all the people who do bad things to us, which we have no recourse for vengeance or justice, we can take comfort in knowing that they will pay, by being sent to hell. This sure beats accepting the fact that people can do bad things to us and get away with it! But there is one really big problem with this, which people refuse to accept - it doesn't really happen that way. Good people continue to suffer, bad people continue to do bad things, and we foolish humans refuse to recognize what is so blatantly obvious facts, even when the truth is right there in front of our face. And that is why people can't see that the Universe is the true god. You see, to our imaginary gods, we are special. But to the Universe, we don't mean squat. We could all perish and the Universe will continue on. Nothing is special to the Universe - not humans, not animals or plants, not the Earth or the sun or this galaxy or anything. Because no matter what happens, the Universe will still be the Universe. All the matter in the Universe can be completely destroyed (as we would see it), but it will still be matter of some sort, and it will still be part of the Universe. The truth will set you free, if you can handle that. Otherwise, just go on worshiping your head of cabbage or pointed stick or the rantings of people who died centuries ago... whatever makes you feel invincable... go ahead and believe in it. And just to be on the safe side, maybe you can force everybody else to worship the same god you do. After all, that plan has worked pretty well so far, right? God is the Universe, and we humans are nothing special. That's the truth. Do what you want with it.

We were all unbelievers once | Reviewer: Ken | 7/17/12

The way is narrow and few that will enter. Jesus knew that He would not be received by His own, saying that a prophet is not received even in his home land. So is it any wonder that the world still rejects Him? If you are not one of the elect than you can not understand Christanity. And if you are a true believer then you already get it and know, not hope, but truly know that you are assured an eternity with Him. Sorry for those not elect because you are condemned to an eternity without being in His presence and none of us know what that is all about because He is currently with us.

MR. Tamim | Reviewer: tcrowe | 6/29/11

Beautifully done! Give Christianity a chance? Amazed? Amazed by what? Deusional pipe dreams? Hopes for the fantasy that an executed jewish zealot criminal who rotted away 2000 years ago will return to life to fly down from heaven in a santa sled and hand out candy and teddy bears to the good Chriatians? This song is the true gospel on the subject.

XTC | Reviewer: saengard | 10/9/10

I get that this song resonates with many atheists, and get why many Christians would hate it. I myself am Christian and love this song. The lyrics as one said before are genius. This is a profound song that one can come to from many points, and depending on what your view is, you can go away from in it many points. Yes, it is a song about anger. Anger at this alleged benevolent being for all the evil. It points out directly and succinctly many of the core questions of faith itself. Those without blind faith, or those who aren't scared to question their faith can hear this masterful song... can also hear the tongue in cheek fallacies in the lyrics, and still walk away firm in their faith. I for one love this song. I've been down that road, less anger and more question, so I can identify.

Everyone's got a point, but... | Reviewer: pff1029 | 7/25/10

This song isn't about affirming your beliefs, one way or another, in atheism or religion. It's about how someone could rightfully be skeptical of organized religion when the humans who have documented, taught, and passed down the belief in a just, loving, perfect creator are so flawed themselves. They're not practicing what they preach, so who wouldn't question whether this organized system may not be all it seems?

I totally respect you if you see the good in all people and believe in the eternal salvation of those with a firm belief in the Lord. And I can respect you if you have taken your lessons from human nature. It doesn't take effort to believe in God, but it sure takes effort (and immense patience) to believe in your fellow man, unfortunately.

XTC | Reviewer: DJ | 4/8/10

This song sums up how many athiests and agnostic people feel. The Bible is a book of fiction and should be taken like that. This song is perfect and I use it to give to people who try and preach to me about Jebus!

Nihilistic tripe | Reviewer: Cave Canem | 4/4/10

A trite litany of grievances--so if XTC choose not to believe in God, by what source do they derive right from wrong and by what standard do they judge good from bad?

Without God, everything is allowed.

And if a fruitcake could sing, it would have a voice like Andy Partridge.

Sad Song | Reviewer: Ree | 4/27/09

Seemed to make perfect sense back in the day. I had such same thoughts without any background on our Lord Jesus Christ. Now, however, after much research, I see things different and this point of view saddens me for those with such thoughts. Just give Christianity a look and you'll be amazed.

Dear god | Reviewer: Leigh | 11/16/07

This song is one of my favourites. The first thing that caught my attention in it was the lyrics which are genious. The singer has great vocal talents which make the song (and their other songs) great to listen to.

Id recommend this song and band to anyone willing to listen!

XTC | Reviewer: Nessa | 8/6/04

I downloaded this song because one of my friends recommended it for my apostatic tendencies and of course the fact that both of us are somewhat of aetheists....great song and love the music!