one of the best songs on earth... | Reviewer: Dr Isma | 8/4/14

This song always maks me sooo sad... ;_;
I really cryed when I heard it the first time.... long bevore Toshi swiched to englisch... at first I even didn't recognize that he wasn't singing japanese anymore...

Yoshikis Voice in the end is very hard to understand...
But after listening what he said it's clear fot whom he wrote the song... it's for his father who comidded suicide when Yoshiki was only ten years old...
he also said this in an Interview 3 Years after the release of the song....

A story about my broken life... | Reviewer: Kukhrolo kapfo | 7/28/14

Im just out of words right now..i mean its just like a reflecting picture of my life..
TEARS;-( touched my deepest buttom of my heart,the tunes are so melancholic and melodious..
It still haunt in my head, thank you X-Japan for your good song... ..

no more crying in the night | Reviewer: Dyan | 4/21/14

ah such a beautiful song...... half of it maybe in Japanese and I can barely understand Japanese but love hath no bounds nor boundaries. One just have to close ones eyes and listened with ones heart and one would understand that it speaks of the beauty of LOVE. Not just the longing and the pain that it can bring but also the hope and happiness that comes with it. Thanks to this song that I only heard tonight for the first time it made my beatless heart to flutter and start beating again..... dry your tears and don't give up on love.... no matter how painful it is Love is still beautiful.... tears and pain are the price that one must pay sometimes.... but its worth it.....I still believe in love because of this song that dried my tears. I now have the strength to face tomorrow with a smile and maybe just maybe start loving again ....

anonymous | Reviewer: anonymous | 11/27/13

first i heard this song i dunno what it's mean ?? but when heard and heard until i got whats the mean of this song my heart so touching and can make me cry... thankz to x-japan ur music very nice and i lev ur voice also

Tears~by X JAPAN | Reviewer: Never stop | 11/5/13

I love this song.. When i'm listening that song.. I'm crying and crying..
I don't know why..
I think maybe i'm remember the people that i love... That i miss and whtevr..
By the way this song is very amazing and sadness
For the singer
Really nice voice and so cute face

story of my life.. | Reviewer: EYUKE | 7/29/13

i never heard this song before but my boyfriend told me about it..he said that he love this song..i dunno why..AFTER HE LEAVE ME now i know excatly what the meaning of this song..i listen to it over and over again..thanks to X-Japan..

UNFORGETABLE MEMORY | Reviewer: Ginny | 4/21/13

dz song bring thousand memory to me jz like the meaning of this song. I was de only child n my family and when my 18th birthday my dad died before give a hug. My birthday party has turned to a funeral day. My father died in a car crashed. Actually that was the 1st time i ever see my dad after 18 years. My days turned like hell i cried everyday n blame everybody even God. That moment has totally changed me. N everytym i hear thiss song remind me of my dad n tears runing through my cheeks. Thankx to X japan for such a great wonderful amazing song. I love you all....

i didicate this song to my lover "yume" | Reviewer: xin jing rushui | 2/10/13

This is the best song i have ever heard of x japan....
It broke my heart into million pieces when i first listened to the song.
And really restall me my lost feeling......i really miss her.....
I really do.....i m so sad.....i was so mean to her when she was with can join me in facebook and twitter.

meaning | Reviewer: joe | 12/22/12

This is another song from x Japan that makes me cry. This song is about his father that commits suicide when. He was a kid . The othen song is endless rain from the last live.

Xjapan | Reviewer: Pyoruru | 12/15/12

When i hear this song for the first time, i cry,my heart is so touching..suddenly i miss my ex-boyfriend...he leave me without saying Good bye .. By the way,this song is most heart touching.

Tears made me in no Tears. | Reviewer: Peter Metchau | 10/30/12

I heard this song back last three days. I don't have words to describe the beauty of the song. In three days I have listen to it for more than 50 times.... and still with the song on the headphone. I found this site when I search for the lyrics. The lyrics can just melt my heart, it soothes the heart, thank you for the lyrics. X Japan is now officially rated no. 1 band in my list. R.I.P Hide.

Tears Video with English Subs/Yoshiki Outro | Reviewer: We Are X USA!!! | 8/28/12

I only in the last few weeks, discovered X Japan. It makes me sad that being a lover of rock and metal I didn't find them 20 years ago...but, better to find the best band in the world late, than never, right? :)

Tears is one of their most beautiful songs. Toshi's voice is unique and beautiful and Yoshiki is nothing less than a musical genius. He also since Tears, wrote Japan's best selling Classical album, Eternal Melody, with the Beatles producer, George Martin, and this year, wrote the first ever theme song for the Golden Globe Awards in America. It might take a little time for America to understand X Japan. There range is so incredible, and multi-ganre, never just one sound or one look, but eventually they will understand, and America will just be another one of many contents touched by one of the greatest bands on the planet. :)

dreams | Reviewer: ramzilah | 5/29/12

the man who is lossing his love,but they dreams never come true.time against time,day after day the man was lonely and sad.but the woman does'nt want to see him cry........actually the song was sad,emotion,and melancolic

lyrics song Tears so nice | Reviewer: BLANKKAZ | 2/8/12

This was a truly great song writers of this song was the best I like most to hear this song because this song really deep meaning, ASIA BAND FANS KEEP ON HEARING PEWIT BY_BLANKKAZ

Melancholic song | Reviewer: Chuba. Laiho | 11/1/11

Wen i heart tis song fot da first time i was deeply impresed, Toshi has got such an incridable voice his voice can turn a stone into precious gold tanks Toshi and Yoshi for such a beautyful song 'May God Blesses'.....