X Japan is Effing Awesome!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Yumi | 3/27/14

I love X Japan.I have smiled,laughed and cried to their music.X Japan songs have helped me through tough times and helped me heal.Words are just not enough to express how much I love this band.I just want to say "Thank you".Two simple words,but they comes from the depths of my heart.Thank you X Japan for existing <3 <3

comment | Reviewer: mpenx | 12/4/13

I saw hide accidentally on youtube in a video somewhat called top 10 underrated guitarists.. He was the first one that came up on number 10.. I asked myself is this guitarist a woman or a man? Full of make up and visually attractive.. oh yeah the song being played is Endless Rain solo part.. Well I kind of like it for the first time i decided to hear it again and again and again and i don't care for the other guitarists there though Vito Bratta was included, I began to search anything about hide and X Japan and came up finding their classic songs and i told myself this is definitely one of the best band ever exist.. they are truly talented. I can't describe enough about this band but this band is highly recommended for everyone who wants to hear great music.. Love X Japan especially hide.. even though this band has changed much but i still love them..

<3 R.I.P | Reviewer: EMOFweak | 2/3/13

I first heard their song, Forever Love from the Movie, X-1999.
That was how I heard about them. Which was 2004. And I feel like a major noob because I am JUST now knowing about this on 2013.
I was not a fan at first, but I am glad I am a fan now.
Since they have new band members, it is not the same anymore.

Astounded! | Reviewer: Lyssa | 7/30/12

First and foremost, I wondered if hide had committed suicide. The way the old articles and alerts told the story, he did, but you couldn't be sure. Most touted his death as "the result of a night of hard partying".

I had not even heard of X-Japan until my sophomore year in high school (2004), when one of my otaku friends suggested I listen to them. Sadly I never did, and it wouldn't be until the release of Saw IV that I'd once again hear about the band. My friend died in May of 2008, ten years after the death of hide, so it's somewhat symbolic for me. Seeing my friend's death make the front page of the local paper really opened my eyes, it was the first time in my life that I didn't care who saw me cry. I didn't know why but shortly thereafter I found myself watching the Saw movies and getting back into Japanese culture. Just one of those subliminal things I guess, because this year I decided to research X-Japan after another bout of Saw movies and hearing their song, I.V.

I find it strange that this band has been in my life for years on a subliminal, underlying level. I'm glad for it. Toshi's voice blows me away, and his energy in concert is phenomenal- even makes me laugh. Yoshiki is amazing particularly at piano, and apparently everyone in the world loves this guy so this sounds cheesy but he's my hero, because it wasn't until I researched him that I remembered my teenage fascination with a guy who looked a LOT like Yoshiki- and how I have always found myself saying I want to go to Japan, even marry a Japanese guy. Now at this point in my life I find I have a wonderful assortment of reasons to go to Japan... for a promise I made to my younger self, for a promise I made upon reading about the death of a Sailor who had yearned to go but died too soon, for my friend who died, for the culture, for the countryside, for the peace I used to know. I guess when life tumbles you around in all its day-to-day stuff you forget what was once dear to your heart. Like I said... cheesy. But I'm reminded of what's ultimately important, and it helps me let go of failures. Hope is an amazing thing and X-Japan indirectly helped me find it.

So yes, I highly recommend their music. :)

thank u japan | Reviewer: soten | 5/9/09

Hi there,I'm Soten frm,u wont blive land,India!!!There are quite a handfull of rock lovers over here..I'm an 80's rock buff and having heard all but all,those westrn bands,I was looking fr a fresh new voice,and began browsing the net..and u know wat I'm gonna say..it has mesmerised me,the band calld X-Japan..the vocals,strings,keys and the skin..it is terrific..very rarely do i see such piousness in a rock band without sacrificing the touch of ROCK..thank u guys,the band and to the Great land calld Japan fr bringing this wonderful band to the world..I bow my head in deep respect and admiration..

Hide fan | Reviewer: Chris mikus | 3/20/09

I didn't really know much about x japan because I live in Canada but from what I know Hide must have really bine loved by lots of people for what I saw at the last live. Forever love was the song that got me when Toshi and the talented piano player huged. Every time I see that I get a wierd feeling in my heart. I didn't know much about you Hide but I will for some reason allways love you. Forever love chris

HIDE DIED OF | Reviewer: Hachigatsu | 9/17/08

Hide suicide because he cant take it that the band is goin to split up. A week after their last concert, he suicide. Then on the same day few minutes later, a girl suicide too, jump off a building and words written across her body was "I LOVE HIDE". And in respect of his death, Japan and Korea were entitled 1 day public holiday every year on the date he died~

how old are they | Reviewer: Madie | 3/4/08

Hey if this is really X-Japan, I was wondering,
how old is every X-Japan member? i love X-Japan!!!
(oh and so does my sister). Well if this is X-Japan than can you e-mail me at this E-mail address: estesbratm3@aol.com
Just so you guys know I have a crush on all of you guys!!!!! but my sis has the Hugeist crush on
Toshi and Yoshiki!!!!! but i have the biggest crush on all of you guys. I live in Rockford,Illinois. It's ok here but whats it like in Japan? Please,Please,Please E_mail the answer to me at..... estesbratm3@aol.com

Into Him | Reviewer: OldWowy | 11/11/07

My Cousin Tenshii... She is the big fan of Hide. I know all about X-Japan & Hide from Her. I love to see the way she loves Hide & I can believe she changed her style as Hide.....

X Japan | Reviewer: Elina | 11/8/07

hide didn't commit suicide :O

I mean hide and Yoshiki planed to start "a second X Japan" 2000 but it died when hide died...

x japan | Reviewer: ronin | 7/30/07

I came across x japan while watching jpop mussic vid on stage6.divx.com/user/Speedyrulz/video/1369816/X-Japan---Art-of-Life-(1993)

THey have a few vids posted on there. Now since I am a huge fan of the 80's here in the U.S.A. seeing x japan for the 1st time this year my first thought was the hair bands of the 80's. but the few songs I have listened to the vocals and instruments are really amazing and in the words of Pany "magical and inspiring". I am going to have to hunt down there albums. I think the great thing that really show a group or a singers talent is to be able to touch people of different languages.

Comment | Reviewer: Panzy Mistress | 6/20/07

Yes, I would have to also say that the band was a HUGE influence in my life, and I'm completely happy that I've gotten into their music in the last few years. Their diversity and unique qualities just automatically draw people in, and I just find X Japan to be a (yes it sounds corny) magical and inspiring band. Much love to hide!

X JAPAN | Reviewer: X Fan | 3/25/06

To call X (JAPAN) the most influential band in Japan's history would be an understatement. 17 years at the top was all it took for X to change Japanese music for the better, starting off the whole idea of Visual Kei and bringing rock and metal to Japan. The band's lineup consisted of:
Vocals: Toshi
Guitar: hide
Guitar: Pata
Bass: Taiji [changed to Heath in later years]
Drums/Piano: Yoshiki
X, so far, really are the paragon of J-rock/metal. Diverse to the end, X were truly a one of a kind band. They explored every end of their rock and metal spectrum, resulting in songs such as White Wind From Mr Martin ~Pata's Nap~ [JEALOUSY album, 1991], which is vastly different from Art Of Life [ART OF LIFE single, 1993], which likewise has a totally different feel to it than Celebration [BLUE BLOOD album, 1989]. I would recommend this band to any metal or rock fan - or just any appreciator of truly great music.

Any questions or song requests, please feel free to mail me ^^