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Performed by X-Japan

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This is simply THE BEST!!! | Reviewer: Music lover | 12/16/09

Move over Bohemian Rhapsody, We are the Champions and Jailhouse Rock. This is simply THE GREATEST song EVER!!! Those that think A change of seasons by Dream theater is better, suck your own co**s!!! This is simply incomparable!!! X Japan rocks!!! These guys should play more here in Europe. They'd get instant fame and recognition among not just Metal's, but also other Genre's immortal lists!!! The GREATEST song ever from THE GREATEST ARTISTS EVER!!!

cookies | Reviewer: Kite | 12/6/09

ok in this is in reference to the guy talking about dream theater.. YES DT IS AWESOME X-JAPAN IS HELLA AWESOME TOO ITS VERY HARD TO PUT THEM TOGETHER, THEY ARE BOTH JUST TOO AWESOME!!! !..!(lll_)!..! but you forgot one of their REALLY long songs - DT i mean - Six Degrees Of Inner Tubulence.. cant exactly be found as one song alone because its broken into 8 separate pieces but STILL its like 43 minutes long :o X-japan RUULES

Awesome | Reviewer: Rinkaru | 11/22/09

X Japan has always been awesome, even after hide's death, it's still an awesome band. Don't compare X to any other band, as they will own everyone. Songs like Art of Life, Kurenai, Sadistic Desire, Crucify My Love, etc. are songs that really make X shine. No other band has been as awesome and legendary as X Japan. ~X Forever~

Really nice work here! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/09

Comparing these guys with dream theater wtf!!! xD This is a true master piece from a japanese EMO band that makes good this case...a good progressive metal song..! Dream on! those are Gods of progressive metal..the dead dude from this band compare to Petrucci!!!! need to compare.. xD

Really nice song though!! For those interested in some really really ridicously long and good progressive metal songs...Dream theater: a change of seasons - Dream theater: Octavarium!

Christ on a bike... | Reviewer: Louise | 6/8/09

What can I say, X Japan have outdone themselves here. It's amazing how well this song was when performed live considering its length- none of the band members slipped for even a second! Very creative song as well, what with the piano interlude including thumping the keys. It's an unusual idea, but it worked really well.

I can't say I'm surprised they did this and pulled it off, though. They have Yoshiki on board, and he's one of the most dedicated people I've heard of. He seems to put 110% of what he's got into everything he does.

Toshi's English is fine. OK, so it's not perfect, but English isn't easy to pronounce for most Japanese, and Toshi does really well compared to most other Jrock singers.

music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/09

The music absolutely superb and its just beautiful. The only fault i can find in this song is that the singer cant sing in English . But playing for 30 mins so well .Hats off to this band . Superb music

Loss for Wirds -_- Read the lyrics, speaks for itself | Reviewer: Ryan | 12/30/08

From Yoshiki's heart pounding drums rolling in, to the haunting symphonic melodies, to the amazingly talented Hide(deceased) shreading for 10 minutes long, and the beutiful voice of Yoshiki strainning his vocal chords to make every note hit pure perfection. Everytime I listen to this song I say to myself "this is the best 30 minutes of my life" Anything written by Yoshiki is an instant masterpiece. Now that Hide is gone, this song brings tears to all of our eyes. X has never sold out, gone mainstream, they've stayed true to their fans. They are reuniting for a world tour, and Toshi, Heath, Pata, Yoshiki, and hide wherever you are, will all be with us for one last time. I am this passionate about a band that sings in a language I can't even understand. This is a once in a lifetine song, and a family that we shall cherish for the rest of you lives. This is a work of oure magnificent art. XD (THAT WAS DEEP)

The Ultimatum | Reviewer: ZulFarhan | 9/26/08

I'd rate this song to be the most genuine, legit, expressive and breathtaking!!! Watch the video and you will know what i mean :)

If you have observed/heard clearly, Yoshiki on drums is totally amazing. He plays with passion (sometimes sings along and smiles!) and he's stamina is absolutely strong - playing Art Of Life for 10mins+(Part 1) and about 6 mins for part 2. Yoshiki is truely another excellent composer.. Just listen to this song.. He's drum parts is so expressive and every members' parts fits into the song well such that the song flows beautifully.

X Japan truly etched their mark in my brain. ART OF LIFE is simply the best song ever!

Undescribable talent expressed through breath taking music and heart felt lyrics | Reviewer: AsianBlood | 9/19/08

Where to begin when it comes to X japan. Similarly to ZerOTime, i begun listening to x japan when i was in college around 2004 and was first introduced to X japan through falling in love with a JRock band known as Dir en Grey. My friend was astonished that i knew nothing first about x japan so i began collecting their albums. I thank my friend to this day for helping find one of the rare jems within music. Within the UK lies many manufactured bands singing lyrics with no meaning.... what has music become? X japan performed with heart and all their songs from weekend to the ultimate art of life is nothing below outstanding, in all truth there is no word to describe who immaculately perfect they are in my opinion. their songs reflect true emotion and feelings felt by ever human being. Why X japan were never acknowledged within the West around their existing baffles me beyond belief. Amoungst my Fav bands of all time X japan is at the top along side Queen and Nightwish.

^_^ | Reviewer: ZerOTimE | 8/8/08

This song makes me so happy ^__^ i just wish i heard of X-Japan earlier...i have their whole discography though and its simply amazing...i started listening to them awhile ago 2005 when i first heard Dir en grey cause someone on limewire but taht Blue Blood was a dir en grey song...but it turned out to be X-Japan..and then i fell in love with them! hehe i want to see them live..but i dont know if they are good anymore...i know one of their members died and had to be replaced and ive only heard their new song I.V...i just hope they have not changed from like what this song is ^_^

Pure poetry!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/08

This isn't just lyrics or music. This is pure poetry. The lyrics could be published as a poem and most people would never imagine that this was a "rock & roll" song. As for Yoshiki's musical composition, the man is practically a genius, enough said!!!

Masterpiece | Reviewer: Schmakkus | 2/19/08

It's truly a masterpiece.
I get goosebumps while listening. Couple of days ago, I was upset, because I lost this song and found it today.
The singing and the music. Just the instrumentals shows every single aspect of life. Sometimes Harmonic and sometimes not.

The Must Listen To Song! | Reviewer: Luis Fer | 1/29/08

When a song takes you to another place far from only music, is a real masterpiece; this is how I felt the first time I listened to this amazing song.It is all about the sound, lyrics, interpretation, the feeling and conviction with wich all the guys play; with songs like this (rare ones huh?) you just can say "thanks" for a moment of happines, or for a moment to get out of your sadness, for being able to say sorry or to give a hand... Don't know what more to say; thanks X Japan for a beautiful masterpiece. "I just want to let my emotions get out..."

manuel cerrud tiene todaaaa la fucking razon.
no es una cancion es LA CANCION
ya quisiera que alguien compusiera todo eso
por que yoshiki la escribi y compuso instrumento por instrumento .
dream theater 10x more better ?
ajjaja no creo
mas bien los japoneses estana costumbrados a no sacar la musica al extranjero ... bueno los de los 80s 90s por que ahora ya lo estan lanzado afuera de el y tomar mayor territorio para la musica notese "mu si ca" no letra
ay se ven
see ya
y no escribo en ingles para que se enojen mas jajaja
ahora en english

to anonymous | Reviewer: Tomoe | 10/9/07

You don't understand him because he has japanese accent obviously when we speak another language we can't say it the way it should be. I have this example because my original language is Spanish.(so sorry for my bad english ^^)
It's an excellent song,specially in the guitar solo by Hideto. I like it a lot

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