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Taylor gang | Reviewer: Dj melly | 7/29/12

Wiz you the man in the game. You made ma life what i have always ask for. by your ways of life the way u do the shit hw u dress man u killing niggas in ma home twn nigeria everyhomnes nw wear taylor shoe all ma shoes nw ar taylor shits we love yau mann.

my inspiration | Reviewer: Kgabo Legodi | 7/14/12

wiz khalifa is my inspiration,you taught me i dont have to be ashamed of being a pot head,i come from a rural area in South Africa where problems are too much to bare and sometimes make a person feel like breaking down.But through Kush i find the world a much more splendid place where dreams are achieved through believing in oneself regardless of their hardnock background

wiz the shit | Reviewer: bryan inscoe | 6/24/12

Wiz khalifa is my idol I'm only 15 I smoke weed no biggy all I wanna do is hit a j with wiz that would be the sweetest thing in the world

comment | Reviewer: DJO Naby | 6/9/12

WIZ at this time u are the best ur new song<< work hard play hard>> make the world proud of u we praying for you, have gud success in ur life << I KNOW U CAN MAKE IT >> GUD LUCK , your fan from SENEGAL AKON's country

love from nepal! | Reviewer: hothead sniper | 5/29/12

hey wiz!no much words but i'm from nepal and even people love u here bro!!!!!!!!it is one of the most weed freindly nation we've weed everywhere!it's not a big deal!!!!!!!1love wiz and weed 4eva!

1.4.3 to wiz'kay | Reviewer: Sharikhalifa | 4/27/12

ilove you so Damn much i know its sooo cliche' but honestly i do.. am listening to All your tracks day and night. Your the best mayn :D if you reply to me you will make my life.... FOLLOW ME @sharikhalifa :D iloveyou :D

bro we smoke dah same we jus like brotherrrS | Reviewer: lil K | 3/2/12

so all ma homies say i smoke like u and we dah same at rappin ha it would be aswome if we made a song together ive been to ur concerts their rele out of space like u say ha hmu man -lil K aka khalifa number 2 and by the way IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN OUT OF THE WHOLE INTIRE WORLD I BE LISENIN TO UR MUSIX TWEENTY FOUR SEVEN NO JOKE 0TALOR GANG OR DIEE!!

Sick Beats | Reviewer: Tylor Craigmiles | 2/16/12

well i have been listening to your music for the last two years. I have been inspired by your way of life and it has helped me out in many situations! My favorite song id have to say is "smoking good" because i get so ripped to that song and it makes you want to keep smoking lol i turn 18 on march 19th of this year and it would be hell cool if i could meet you or have a gift sent to me. 318 10th street dewitt iowa i would tell ya the zip code but I'm too high to even remember it lol Keep shit good and show the world what you can do man deuces

YOU A DAWGGG ON THE MIC BIG HOMIE!!! | Reviewer: InsaneeZanee93 | 12/20/11

Attending one of Wiz Khalifa’s Concerts is a very exciting and unforgettable experience for anyone. I went to one of his concerts back in March of this year for his Rolling Papers tour. The pre-show was pretty good because he introduced this new band that actually didn’t sound too bad. I’m personally not the biggest Mac Miller fan but he came on as well and got the crowd pretty hyped up for the show. Afterwards there was about a twenty minute wait before Wiz came out to perform after Mac Miller. Once his opening song came on (Phone Numbers) the crowd went crazy and from that point on it was an amazing concert. The energy that was flowing from the performance was unbelievable. With songs such as Taylor Gang and Black & Yellow (his closer) he owned the entire show, and gave everyone in the audience a show to remember. However I feel that he should have given an encore but that’s just me. It was still an awesome show with it. Coming from about an hour away, I would say that the drive and every second were worth it. If you’ve never been to a Wiz Khalifa concert I would strongly recommend it. You’ll have the best time ever and you’ll definitely want to go back to see him again.

Why i love you | Reviewer: Arrianna Hutto | 12/18/11

I adore you very much Cameron ,you are a true inspirational artist, your music mostly speaks the truth in everything you say you are a talented man,you've been through so much and made a possible outcome my dream is to one day meet you in person not just in foncerts but as a party goer as a friend and tell amber rose I said hi gotta show respect for her too.well love you hope you get this message, merry Christmas and happy new year,best rapper alive,I'm your biggest fan!!!!!

Wiz:) | Reviewer: Alexis June | 11/18/11

I have to say your authentic rapper, i wouldn't say i'm your biggest fan because that would be a lie. I'm not obsessed, i'm just another fan. Your a legit, and real person. Your lyrics speak, and tell stories. Your an inspirational rapper. Your have true hear and soul. your commited and your the next big thing out there. People compare you and ac miller, although i son't even like his music in the first place. & your music is completely different! I have to say kepp doing what your doing, because billions love you:) see you in concert soon...!

wiz | Reviewer: Danny Skillz | 11/6/11

I still remember finding his first ever mixtapes. When I heard him I began telling my boys about wiz but they all say he was whack that lil Wayne was the shit. I kept listen to all his albums and knew he will be on top one of these days. Now I see my nous bumping to his shit and laugh and them wiz u the man bro keep your good work and keep them hits coming straight out of Las Cruces NM

tgod | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/11

hi Wiz i trully love your music its really inspiring kind of like a challenge to me and my music am doing my finalz this month so you better watch out am coming for you many hate on you some wonder why i keep listening 2 your songs but they don't see the magic in your no Homo but mob love from a Kenyan brother

Am obsessed | Reviewer: Gcebie waWiz | 10/26/11

wiz khalifa took me by in love wt the guy....err thing bwt him jst intrigues a member of the taylor obsessed and am totally in love wt that fact....TGOD
i love you wiz khalifa.....XOXO

i love CAMERON <3 | Reviewer: Jaquaya | 10/6/11

wiz Khalifa is the BESt RAPPER alive, ifreakinq adore EVERYthinq you doo, all day your # one on my mind iwish icould tell you everything, if icould have it anyway iwould make you my BESt fRiEND =], because iknow we can get high and just vent and tell eachother all of our problems, you know you can't trust no one in the world , but iwould love to meet you one day, one day before ileave this cold lonely earth iwill meet you and see how much of a great person you are ilove you WiZ & good luck on yah lonq journey as my FAVORitE rapper MUAH ;*)

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