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Yuur Bomb ! (: | Reviewer: Carmen | 9/15/11

- Whaaaats Good ! Everyonee here who commented aree a bunch of winnies , Ya'll Aree trippen , Wiz is never qunnaaa even reply to Yuu , I lovee his music hes bomb As'f . his music is helluh down , bump to it all the time! Lovee Yuu Wiz Khalifa!
taylor Gang Or Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fan<3 | Reviewer: Alexis Brown | 9/10/11

Wiz Khalifa I Just Wanna Let You Know Ima Big Fan Of You & That I Love You ! You So Effing Cute I Watch Your Videos All The Time ! & I Have Some Of Your Shirt's : ) You Have Alot Going For Yourself Kep Your Head Up <3 ..


man whiz khalifa dah first day wen man cousin watched ya video she jux ran up 2me n say D! Come n lukk at ur twin bro on dah tv n wen i lukk at u man, we really dah same n al mah frenz sayz datt n uPtill nw man mah whole family n frenz at skool keep on callin me Wiz khalifa n they say am dah next khalifa in makin n man i can sing very-wel n am writin a song bout u...ur really inspirez 2be a musician n keep on doin dah gudd workz n i hpe 2meet u n man maybe u wil c disz umm disz mah no# 23278960142 i wil be glad 2meet u!...PEACE OUT BRO N STAY BLESS!

I Lovee Wiz ! | Reviewer: Dominique Toney AkA CherryBombb | 9/7/11

Okk , I AM In Fact Your Biggest Fan , I Listen To Yhuu All The Time I Havee 232 Songs On My iPod By Yhuu And In The Carr I Always Listen To Yhuu I Also Rock Taylors All Day EveryDayy TGOD Likee I Seriously Would Do ANYTHING To Meet Yhuu I Was Supposed To Comee To Your Concert But My Mother Jackked That For Me And When I Found Out I Couldn't Go I Cried But I Truely Do Lovee Yhuu Byee Byee Now !

I love your style | Reviewer: Red bone | 9/7/11

I'm so interested in your music bunt besides that I would love too meet yhu and geht tOo know yhu on a Personal note your num 1 fan bunt I dnt wanna b no friend my birthday ihs Jan 25 I will b turning 18

makayla interveiw | Reviewer: makayla addie | 9/4/11

i think that u are cute and i am 10 please dont crush my dream of meeting u and i live in harsttle alabama call me 7737168 got it ok
coom to my school at 7:00 tuesday not no stranger ride in a good looking car
and i like your song on my level i am your number 1 fan in the whole wide world my idoli listen to your music 24 7 hope u get this
u are ps love you

Wiz Khalifa The Best of All Time !!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Kiara Timmons | 9/3/11

omg you are so awesome. I love every song you have madei have your posters and your slbums . you are so talented . i suport yourmusic in every way possible. i just really wish i couldmeet you that would beso cool . my birthday is october 23rd,2011 i am turning 13 , and it would really be cool if i met you . I would ask for nothing else in life . I love everything about you.I see alot of videos about you or that you make , iwatch them all. if they are a disrespectful response towards you i fend for you . I wonder when will you be cvoming to Knoxville because that's where i am moving to. You are so cute , sweet , and your teeth are flawless! i love them and i love you . i even have your shirts !!! xD well i hopei can hear from you or meet you soon iLoveyouu Cameron Jibril Thomas !! <3 TaylorGangOrDie!!!!!!!!!

mz.khalifa | Reviewer: zoya | 8/31/11

,Heyy wiz aka hubby ilove yu and yur music. To me yur music tops little Wayne's
But if i ever get to see yu ihn real life. Lol please jhus remember I'm yur biggest fan of all.
Nan chick or nigga loves yu moree than meh. My room ihss full of yur pictures and my cd collection is all yur music. Well anyways myy lines aree running out. So umah catch uu later booh.
#Taylor gang!
Or die x_x

'I Think Im In Lovee ! :) | Reviewer: Bri'Anna'Nashae | 8/15/11

'Wiz Is The Best Hands Down. I Listen Too Him Everyday Allday,Heck I'm Listeninq Too Him Rite Now. If He Comes Down To Tallahasse Nd I Seen Him I Would Juss Die Cryinq Nd Run Up Too Him. Omg I Juss Love Wiz Khalifa ! :)

I Love Cameron Jibril Thomaz <3 | Reviewer: Kaitlyn Smock | 8/13/11

Cameron Jibril Thomaz Aka Wiz Khalifa <3
I'm SOO In Love WIth You<3 <3 IF I Could Ever Meet You i Would Be The HAPPIEST Person Ever Alive I Love Your Music And Your So Cutee <3 I Love Everything About You <3 Your My Number One Artistt!!! My B-days Next Week On The 18th It Would Be The Best Gift In The World IF Could Get Something From You Likee A Happy Birthday Or Somethinng. It's Ok If You Can't I Know Your Busy I Will Still Love Youu<3 And I Will Still Be Your Number One Fan Taylor Gang Or Die<3 Your My True Lovee<3 Muaah Love Cameron Jibril Thomaz "Wiz Khalifa" <3

To:Wiz Khalifa | Reviewer: Dion Carthane | 8/5/11

Wut up wiz man i wuz at ur concert at tha phoenix center in pontiac,michigan 2day man and it wuz pump and my favorite songz iz roll up black N yellow no sleep and i hurd bout ur new mixtape and i wanna knw wen r u gonna have anotha concert here in michigan

the best artist ever i luv u ♥♥ | Reviewer: Asia Gibson | 7/27/11

if i ever cud get a chance 2 sing 4 cameron thomas A.K.A Wiz khalifa,that wud mke my dai am 17 years old nd i hve all of ur albums nd ur fine as hell luv those tats i live in bahamas if u cum i will be so delighted♥♥♥ luv u wiz♥♥

Cumprimentos de Angola( Big Selek), Africa. | Reviewer: Salomao Pola Francisco | 7/26/11

Hey nigga!!! wassssssssup yo! listen my name's Salomao most known as Big Selek down here in Angola, Africa, but let me tell you what a feel about you in Portuguese, my officitial Language. Ya meu curto das tuas musicas, sobretudo aquela '' Black and Yellow'' e muito verdadeira, ou se parece mesmo com aquilo que vives e tens passado, as tuas mudancas com os teus pais pelo mundo fora... bem isto ajuda muito a pessoa a cultivar a mente e aprender muito sobre outras culturas.Espero que um dia venhas pra Angola cantar num espetaculo... and nigga remember that!!! Black People always!!! bye,from BIG SELEK Angola, Africa, never forget where you come from!!

Wiz khalifa <3 | Reviewer: Jessica | 7/17/11

Wiz my x boyfrnd got me into u and a think your lushh and has got an amazing voice a listen to u non stop and pleaseee come to England and do a tour so I can come and see ya along with loads of other people please xxxxxxxx

Me Love U Cameron Thomaz!!! From Arkansas | Reviewer: Christy Gladney | 7/17/11

Omg I'm so in love with you!!The 1st time I heard 1 of your mixtapes was in my bestfriend car and its funny cause his name is Cameron Thomas!!!!I loved u every since and I would love 4 u 2 call me n rap 2 me or sing Happy Birthday 2 me on my 17th birthday on Oct.23,2011!!! Pleaseeeeeeeee I would be the HAPPEST GURL ALIVE!!!!! But if you don't I understand I'm still going be a fan of yours!!!Taylor Gang or Die!!! <3 u lots n God Bless!!!

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