U r the best living rapper of al tym Mr Wiz Khalifa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/13

Hey man this is jongilanga Elvis Bafana from south africa,fochville n libode n am 17 yrz old jst wnna tel u congrats on ur new son Mr Wiz...u r ma inspiration,ma mentor alwyz listen 2 al of ur dope tracks man especially ur latest track called "Work hard" it is a smash man.hpe 1 day u wuld cm hear in south africa n hop i culd greet in hand to hand man (cryin) am a rly rly a grt fan....

<3 | Reviewer: Traquilla woodberry | 4/2/13

Omg I love u.. I am so obsessed with your style, music and just everything about u... Keep up the good work.. <3 u for ever lol

Don't need a title just read it. | Reviewer: SHMOOD | 4/2/13

Wiz Khalifa I know your not even gonna reply to this but don't know untill I try. Just wanted for say your my idol & not just mines all the thugs & gangsters & most people from all highschools. Everyone should live it like you "YOUNG, WILD, & FREE". I hope you know you inspire a shit load of people & you have S.W.A.G brah. & das right I'm from Hawaii hawaiian we know beats to & it's all from you brah. Your music is my favorite
& I can just listen to whenever the fuck I want when I'm sad, happy, mad. FUCK whatevers I'm on m way in yor path & honestly it's not a good one but all I know is it's a HELLA FUCKIN FUN ONE xD. My name is Kamaehu DeRamos & I'm a Freshman right now at Waiakea highschool on Hawai'i & I'm 15 I go by Mista SHMOOD or just SHMOOD. remember this & if you EVEr read it You'd make a local boys life by shouting me out on TV or come visit bro that would be PRIME. Well Shootz cuz your my INSPIRATION Wiz Khlaifa. & remember live "YOUNG, WILD, & FREE" xD HAha because you know I will :P

Cameron Thomaz | Reviewer: Kronic&Chicken | 3/26/13

Wassssup Mr Wiz! Your music is dope as a mother fucker! I remember seeing your ass in Indianapolis and you killed that shit.Your life seeens like it would be dope as fuck!Whats it like knowing you have MILLIONS if fans???"Party all day,Party all Night,Say you wanna party lets party all right"<<< I honestly live by this saying..Your lyrics make perfect sense and when kids dis you at my school i tell them to fuck off..Saying shit like your a pothead and anyone who listens to you is a pothead..? Fuck all dem haterz! Weed isnt a fucking drug its a fucking plant!! TOTALLY WISH PEOPLE WOULD UNDERSTAND THAT!! Well peace out nigg and smoke a few for me ;) Btw tell your beautiful wife and kid i said whats up hahaha LATER MAN YOU DA SHIT

weedmylife | Reviewer: hansan | 3/26/13

what up wiz im a big fan i alwayz wanted to become like u smoking weed everywhere no one can do anything i just want to have fun in life like u do when i watch your vidos it looks so fun with your friends and suff smoking wish i would meet u one and hit a cone or j with you

Wiz Khalifa | Reviewer: Cody | 3/21/13

Yo Wiz, I Been With You Since 07 Man. You're Such An Amazing Rapper, I Love Your Music, Every One Says I Dick Ride You, But I Just Say "Fuck Em". They Just Mad, Cause You Live Probably The Best Life Anyone Can Live. You Gotta Beautiful Son, & Wife. You Ain't Got mainstream Shit Either, You Do Shit Your Self. I'm So Happy, That I've Found You. Love You Man

Wizz <33 | Reviewer: Janyea | 3/4/13

Yo Wiz im such a fan! i listen to ur music all day every day i love it and im dyin' to meet you ur my favorate person in da ho world hope to see you at one of ur concerts love you<333

Dont Play Wit Real Taylor Gang Niggaz | Reviewer: Kay Khalifa | 2/28/13

men, u de shit. Its all about taylors, i wish 1day u ll land in africa zambia, to come & sponsor me coz i got 1 to do dat, i got talent men, real cool talent men. I jst wanna make it has u did. Congrats bout yo baby holler at yo taylor gang niggaz, tell'em i said hi?

straight dope. | Reviewer: Chelse, Rapid City, SD | 2/26/13

i know ima girl and im only 18 but i love rapping and listening to your lyrics. i love smoking weed and selling it and i can relate to everything you ap about. my boyfriend trys to but hes not as good as me. but keep it tight, congrats on your son!
p.s come to rapid city south dakota sometime, it would be tight

crazy beats | Reviewer: zane | 1/27/13

Well I hv been listen to all of your music from your mixtapes.You really rock man ur music is best same as ur swag even nw my freinds they even cal me Khalifa becus every thing I do is you I even use to cal my grlfrnd Amber Rosse and shit is crazy.Is the way I dig u man you really hv got the First CLass SwAg.

favorite rapper EVER | Reviewer: Robbie | 1/17/13

Wiz, ur the best in the world, i listen to ur music every day all day, i love smokin to the song "smoking on". your just pure genius, ur music is amazing, also ur song "no sleep" is 100 percent badass, hope one day u can make a special appearance in Allegan MI, until then, cya G

inspiration. | Reviewer: Dar | 12/19/12

Your seriously my idol. i thought it was the cutest thing ever when i read that you found it hard to become attached to anybody because you kept switching schools. i love your music. when i wake uo and do my makeup i listen to your music, and when i go to bed i listen to it. and when i do homework, ect. it just makes perfect sense to me. and relates so much. Lovee youuu.

My Favorite Rapper | Reviewer: Deaira | 12/12/12

Wiz I Love You So Much, I Wake Up To Your Music & Go To Sleep To It! I Love Your Swag! When You Came To The Rave In miwaukee For Your Tour 2050 I Was So Excited To See You! I Hope Oneday To Meet You & Promise It Will Be Very Soon!

#1 Fan. | Reviewer: John P JR. | 12/9/12

Your music is amazing it give's me wings. Your music is the source of my youth.

Keep going hard on them bro'

Hope to see you soon


We fly taylors | Reviewer: Alexandre ofori | 10/20/12

All ma homies call me khalifa cos they know i am addicted to you like the kush i smoke here in ghana,keep doing ya thang n we r all watchn out for onifc(you are really da only nigga in first class)