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Performed by Within Temptation

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NOT Within Temptation | Reviewer: Gothic Divine | 1/1/10

I've been a fan of Within Temptation for a long time. I know that they did NOT do this song. The band who does do this song (the version that most easily confused as being Within Temptation or Nightwish) is called Blackmore's Night (a Folk band). The original is by a band called Rednex.

Within Temptation has NEVER recorded nor covered this song.

umm..blah.... | Reviewer: Ewokia | 11/24/09

Within Temptation sings this song, up at the top it says the Artist(band). By the way hun, your English is pretty good, don't second guess yourself, I know what it's like to speak a foreign language (Japanese).

... | Reviewer: ... | 2/1/09

Can sombody tell me who performs this song?
sombody tell me that nightwish performed the song but the voice does sound like Tarja or Anette,and here says that WT performs this song and i just have no idea who really sings this song
PD:sorry 4 my english :)

Its Blackmore's Night's | Reviewer: Raposaum | 1/12/09

As Thomas said, its Blackmore's Night's song. It happens that I like WT and I ALSO like this song inparticular. No only it's Blackmore's Night, WT never perfomed this, ever.

It happens, just need to take it off.

not her | Reviewer: J | 8/16/08

i'm a music student who has a lot of experience with singing and i can tell you one thing that this song is not from WT. but there is a possibility that it could be her. it propably goes to show that they were trying something different.

... | Reviewer: sky14kemea | 3/31/08

i kinda agree, listening to the song it doesnt sound like within temptation
1. the background singers sound female
2. background singers? usually its like a gothic choir
3. no climax, within temptation have powerful voices so there's nearly always a climax in the song

Not Within Temptation! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/08

COME ON! There are reviews here from 2005 asking for the song to be removed! Its not WT, so why is it in the WT section?

Oh sigh... | Reviewer: Fan | 6/28/07

I listened to this song and I used to like it but it's NOT performed by Within Temptation. I mean, it's totally not their style and Sharon's voice is more beautiful and more convincing.

They really have to remove this >_>

it's not a WT's song | Reviewer: thomas d | 3/25/07

just like you i thought a long time it was a WT's song because the voice is very similar but this song is played by 'Blackmore's Night'!!

The band that sang this song was... | Reviewer: steve | 12/22/06

For those that don't already know, the song "Wish you were here" that somebody linked wrongly to Within Temptation was recorded by Rednex.

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